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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The “History of Nation-Building” Series and Southeast Asian HistoriographyHo, Chi Tim
1997Hydrologic change and accelerated erosion in Northern ThailandZiegler, Alan D.; Giambelluca, Thomas W.
2007"I can still hear them weeping": 20th century fiction as a source for Indonesian conceptualizations of the 1965-66 mass killingsSetiyawan, Dahlia G.
2007“I can still hear them weeping”: 20th century fiction as a source for Indonesian conceptualizations of the 1965-66 mass killingsSetiyawan, Dahlia Gratia
1997Indigenous Cambodian archaeology: Development, motivations and directionsWesson, Alexander
2004The Indonesian Military as a Professional Organization Criteria and Ramifications for ReformBradford, John F.
31-Oct-2014Interrelationships in South and Southeast Asian Art: Cham Female Iconography, Buddhist Inscriptions and the Buddha ImageChau, Mya
24-Jun-40788Interrogating National Identity Ethnicity, Language and History in K.S. Maniam's The Return and Shirley Geok-lin Lim's Joss and GoldJeyathurai, Dashini
2007Islamic education in Southern Thailand: A photo essayMedrano, Anthony D.
2011Jose E. Marco’s Kalantiaw Code: Implications for Philippine Historiography and Filipinos’ Historical ConsciousnessJustiniano, Maureen
27-Oct-2010Justin Thomas McDaniel’s Gathering Leaves & Lifting Words: Histories of Buddhist Monastic Education in Laos and ThailandPearson, Quentin
27-Oct-2010Lava Casting for Sculptural Applications at Thamkrabok Monastery in Phra Puttabath, ThailandWalters, John
31-Oct-2014Lom Laeng [The Dry Wind]: A Short Story by Lao KhamhawnRubin, Joseph; Khamhawm, Lao
2011Magh Marauders, Portuguese Pirates, White Elephants and Persian Poets:Arakan and Its Bay-of-Bengal Connectivities in the Early Modern EraForster, Richard
31-Oct-2014Mainstream Theories in Southeast Asian International Relations: Discourses and LimitationsChu, Ta-Wei
26-Feb-40784Malakas Met “The Greatest”: Marcos’ Philippines and the Thrilla in ManilaQuinn, Thomas
31-Oct-2014Mandi Sbun Mandi [Bath Soap]: A Short Story by Djenar Maesa AyuConrad, Jesse; Ayu, Djenar Maesa
2004The Moral Imperative and the Politics of Confucianism in French Indochina: Vietnamese Strategies of Resistance, Appropriation and TransformationCheung-Gertler, Jasmin H.
2007Mu Hine with brass ringsTantisunthorn, Rhena
2007Muslim influences in seventeenth century AyutthayaHourdequin, Peter