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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Geomorphic and Archaeological Landscapes of the Sigatoka Dune Site, Viti Levu, Fiji: Interdisciplinary InvestigationsDickinson, William R.; Burley, David V.; Nunn, Patrick D.; Anderson, Atholl; Hope, Geoffrey; De Biran, Antoine; Burke, Christine; Matararaba, Sepeti
1996The Holocene Palaeogeography of the Southeast Margin of the Bangkok Plain, Thailand, and Its Archaeological ImplicationsBoyd, William E.; Higham, Charles F.W.; Thosarat, R.
2011Intensive Archaeological Survey in Southeast Asia: Methodological and Metallurgical Insights from Khao Sai On, Central ThailandPryce, T.O.; Bevan, A.H.; Ciarla, R.; Rispoli, F.; Castillo, C.; Hassett, B.; Malakie, J.L.
2000Masterov Kliuch and the Early Upper Palaeolithic of the Transbaikal, SiberiaGoebel, Ted; Waters, Michael R.; Meshcherin, Mikhail N.
1992The Palaeolithic in Southern ChinaOlsen, John W.; Miller-Antonio, Sari
2005Past Human Activity and Geomorphological Change in a Guano-Rich Tropical Cave Mouth: Initial Interpretations of the Late Quaternary Succession in the Great Cave of Niah, SarawakGilbertson, David; Bird, Michael; Hunt, Christopher; McLaren, Sue; Banda, Richard Mani; Pyatt, Brian; Rose, James; Stephens, Mark
2005Toward an Understanding of Technological Variability in Microblade Assemblages in Hokkaido, JapanNakazawa, Yuichi; Izuho, Masami; Takakura, Jun; Yamada, Satoru
1996Was Medieval Sawankhalok like Modern Bangkok, Flooded Every Few Years but an Economic Powerhouse Nonetheless?Bishop, Paul; Hein, Donald; Godley, David