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  • Vu, Linh (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, 2009-08-14)
  • Asselin, Pierre (2008)
    On the rise of a "hawkish" group within the Vietnamese Communist Party leadership, and the consequences for the revolutionary situation in southern Vietnam, for the North's relationship with China and the USSR, and for the ...
  • Solheim, Wilhelm G.; Chard, Chester S.; Kim, Won-yong; Kidder, J Edward Jr.; Smith, Allan H.; Rudolph, Richard C.; Peacock, B.A.V.; Lamb, Alastair; Harrisson, Barbara; Evangelista, Alfredo E.; Chang, Kwang-chih; Suggs, Robert C.; Duff, Roger; Shutler, Richard Jr.; McCarthy, Frederick D. (University of Hawai'i Press (Honolulu), 1960)
  • Bellwood, Peter; Oxenham, Marc; Hoang, Bui Chi; Dzung, Nguyen Kim; Willis, Anna; Sarjeant, Carmen; Piper, Phillip; Matsumura, Hirofumi; Tanaka, Katsunori; Beavan-Athfield, Nancy; Higham, Thomas; Manh, Nguyen Quoc; Kinh, Dang Ngoc; Kien, Nguyen Khanh Trung; Huong, Vo Thanh; Bich, Vang Ngoc; Quy, Tran Thi Kim; Thao, Nguyen Phuong; Campos, Fredeliza; Sato, Yo-Ichiro; Cuong, Nguyen Lan; Amano, Noel (University of Hawai'i Press (Honolulu), 2011)
    Between 4500 and 3500 years ago, partially intrusive Neolithic populations in the riverine basins of mainland Southeast Asia began to form mounded settlements and to develop economies based on rice cultivation, fishing, ...
  • Kelley, Liam C. (2007)
    On the origins of the Spirit Writing movement in Colonial Vietnam, the spirit writing phenomenon and its connections with modern Vietnamese nationalism.
  • Burghardt, Raymond (2008)
    At a time when America's relations with some old friends are strained, its friendly ties with an old enemy, Vietnam, is surprising. Ambassador Burghardt explores the origins of the good relations between Washington and Hanoi.
  • Nguyen, My Lien Thi (2009)
    Hearing the words “refugees,” “the Ho Chi Minh Trail,” or “the Iron Triangle” in the context of Vietnam may create a miasma of images for a listener, perhaps evoking the terrible depictions of war on American television ...

Now showing items 1-7 of 7


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