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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980Valley Agricultural Systems in Prehistoric Hawaii: An Archaeological ConsiderationKirch, Patrick Vinton
1994Variation in Settlements during the Longshan Period of Northern ChinaUnderhill, Anne P.
2007The Vessantara murals of Wat Monkolratanaram, an American Thai templePatterson, Jessica Lee
2000Vietnam: An Historical PerspectiveShackford, Julie
1999Vietnamese claims to the Truong Sa ArchipelagoKelly, Todd C.
2009Vietnamese Ethnobotany: New Understandings of Refugees, the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and the Iron TriangleNguyen, My Lien Thi
1990View from the East Mountain: An Examination of the Relationship between the Dong Son and Lake Tien Civilizations in the First Millenium B.C.Tessitore, John
2013Visibility and Power: Preliminary Analysis of Social Control on a Bandanese Plantation Compound, Eastern IndonesiaCarlson, David R.; Jordan, Amy
2002Voyaging and Interaction in Ancient East PolynesiaRolett, Barry V.
1991Waha'ula Heiau: The Regional and Symbolic Context of Hawai'I Island's "Red Mouth" TempleMasse, W Bruce; Carter, Laura A.; Somers, Gary F.
1996Was Medieval Sawankhalok like Modern Bangkok, Flooded Every Few Years but an Economic Powerhouse Nonetheless?Bishop, Paul; Hein, Donald; Godley, David
2004Was the Emergence of Home Bases and Domestic Fire a Punctuated Event? A Review of the Middle Pleistocene Record in EurasiaRolland, Nicolas
1979We IndonesiansLubis, Mochtar
2011What Really Made the World go Around?: Indio Contributions to the Acapulco-Manila Galleon TradePeterson, Andrew
2004Who Invented the Bronze Drum? Nationalism, Politics, and a Sino-Vietnamese Archaeological Debate of the 1970s and 1980sHan, Xiaorong
1991Who's in Control?: Method and Theory in Hawaiian ArchaeologyGraves, Michael W.; Erkelens, Conrad
1992Women In Lao Morality TalesRakow, Meg
1997Words and Expressions: Notes on Parallelism in Letivan Engelenhoven, Aone
1959The Work of the Summer Institute of Linguistics in the Far EastBarker, Milton E.
1993The World of Maluku: eastern Indonesia in the early modern periodAndaya, Leonard Y.