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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008U.S. – Vietnam Relations: How Old Enemies Became FriendsBurghardt, Raymond
2007Undefeated SpartacusWalters, Hamilton
2003Understanding Hearth Function: An Approach from HarappaMeyer, Jonathan Cody
2000Understanding the "Maluku Wars": Overview of Sources of Communal Conflict and Prospects for PeaceGoss, Jon D.
1991An Unexplored History: Nationalism Among Moluccans in the Netherlands, 1951-1990Steijen, Fridus
1997Uniformity and Regional Variation in Marine Fish Catches from Prehistoric New ZealandAnderson, Atholl
2003The Uninvited Skeleton at the Archaeological Table: The Crisis of Paleoanthropology in South Asia in the Twenty-first CenturyKennedy, Kenneth A.R.
2011The Unkindest CutGrennan, John
1993Unraveling the Enigma of the Bi: The Spindle Whorl as the Model of the Ritual DiskGreen, Jean M.
1997The Unto Site: Excavations at a Late First Millennium B.C. and Mid-Second Millennium A.D. Habitation Site in Southeastern Negros Island, the PhilippinesBacus, Elisabeth A.
2010Use Angle and Motional Direction of End Scrapers: A Case Study of the Palaeolithic in Hokkaido, JapanTakase, Katsunori
1994The Use of Biking and Kasi in Ambonese MalayLitamahuputty, Betty
2005The Use of Caves in Peninsular Thailand in the Late Pleistocene and Early and Middle HoloceneAnderson, Douglas
2008The Use of Flaked Stone Artifacts in Palau, Western MicronesiaHaslam, Michael; Liston, Jolie
1993Use of Stone and Shell Artifacts at Balof 2, New Ireland, Papua New GuineaBarton, Huw; White, J Peter
1980Valley Agricultural Systems in Prehistoric Hawaii: An Archaeological ConsiderationKirch, Patrick Vinton
1994Variation in Settlements during the Longshan Period of Northern ChinaUnderhill, Anne P.
2007The Vessantara murals of Wat Monkolratanaram, an American Thai templePatterson, Jessica Lee
2000Vietnam: An Historical PerspectiveShackford, Julie
1999Vietnamese claims to the Truong Sa ArchipelagoKelly, Todd C.