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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Oct-2014Table of Contents-
31-Oct-2014Taibung Mipanlangi Wamgmada [Beyond the Web of the Material World]: A Poem by Irom SharmilaThoidingjam, Sumitra; Sharmila, Irom
2009Tam Hang Rockshelter: Preliminary Study of a Prehistoric Site in Northern LaosDemeter, Fabrice; Sayavongkhamdy, Thongsa; Patole-Edoumba, Elise; Coupey, Anne-Sophie; Bacon, Anne-Marie; De Vos, John; Tougard, Christelle; Bouasisengpaseuth, Bounheuang; Sichanthongtip, Phonephanh; Duringer, Philippe
2004Taxonomic Abundance at Panxian Dadong, a Middle Pleistocene Cave in South ChinaBekken, Deborah; Schepartz, Lynne A.; Miller-Antonio, Sari; Yamei, Hou; Weiwen, Huang
1981Teasing, Gossip, and Local Names on RapanuiMcCall, Grant
1978Technical Studies on Materials from Yayoi Period Japan: Their Role in Archaeological InterpretationHitchins, Patricia
1978Technological Characteristics of Some Wedge-Shaped Cores in Northwestern North America and Northeast AsiaMorlan, Richard E.
1975Tektites as "Date Markers" in Borneo and ElsewhereHarrisson, Tom
1979Tektites in Thai PrehistoryLoofs, H.H.E.
2013Temporal Variability in Southeast Asian Dragon Jars: A Case from the PhilippinesDueppen, Stephen
1992Temporal Variation in Polynesian Fishing Strategies: The Southern Cook Islands in Regional PrespectiveAllen, Melinda S.
2008Thai Performing Arts during the Reign of King Rama the NinthVirulrakrama, Surapone
16-Jun-40784Thailand: The Symbolic Center of the Theravada Buddhist WorldRod-Ari, Melody
2013The Distribution and Cultural Context of Artificial Cranial Modification in the Central and Southern PhilippinesClark, Jamie L.
2013The Social and Ecological Trajectory of Prehistoric Cambodian EarthworksDega, Michael; Latinis, Dr. Kyle
2008Their Moment in the Sun: Indonesia's New Gangster ParliamentariansRyter, Loren
2011Theravada Buddhism among the Shan: Transformations in the Shan Monastic Life Cycle and Shan CommunityHashimoto, Takashi
1986A Third Balinese Journal, 1980 and 1983Hilbery, Rosemary
1961Time Depth and Culture Process in Maritime Northeast AsiaChard, Chester S.
2008To be or not to be an artist: rethinking the social complexities of Thai mural paintingHacker, Tiffany K.