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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996The Qiang and the Question of Human Sacrifice in the Late Shang PeriodShelach, Gideon
2004Quartzite and Vein Quartz as Lithic Raw Materials Reconsidered: View from the Korean PaleolithicSeong, Chuntaek
2008A Question Of Scale: Where Is Biodiversity Within A "Hotspot?"McClatchey, Will
1964Ra'iupu Marae of Makatea, Tuamotu Islands, OceaniaVerin, Pierre
2006Radical Muslims in Indonesia: The case of Ja’far Umar Thalib and the Laskar JihadUmam, Saiful
2003Radiocarbon Ages for Two Sites on Ua Huka, MarquesasConte, Eric; Anderson, Atholl
2009Radiocarbon Dates and Technological Change in Salt Production at the Site of Zhongba in the Three Gorges, ChinaFlad, Rowan K.; Xiaohong, Wu (吳小紅); Von Falkenhausen, Lothar; Shuicheng, L.I. (李水城); Zhibin, Sun (孫智彬); Chen, Pochan (陳伯楨)
1979Radiocarbon Dating and Palaeoserology of a Selected Burial Series from the Great Cave of Niah, Sarawak, MalaysiaBrooks, Sheilagh T.; Heglar, Rodger; Brooks, Richard H.
1998Rape and Run in Maluku: Exploitation of Living Resources in Eastern IndonesiaMoss, Shaun M.; van der Wal, Mark
1968A Rare Ceramic Bangle from BorneoHarrisson, Tom
1974Rare Ceramic Bangles from BorneoHarrisson, Tom
1993A Reappraisal of Evidence for Subsitence Change at the Hane Dune Site, Marquesas Islands, French PolynesiaSweeney, Maria; Graves, Michael W.; Hunt, Terry L.
2008Rebranding the Buddhist Faith: Reformist Buddhism and Piety in Contemporary SingaporeChia, Meng Tat Jack; Chee, Ming Feng Robin
2003Recasting the Foundations: New Approaches to Regional Understandings of South Asian Archaeology and the Problem of Culture HistoryJohansen, Peter G.
1984Recent and Current Archaeological Research on Moen Island, TrukParker, Patricia L.; King, Thomas F.
1966Recent Archaeological Activity in North Korea (I): The Cave at Misong-niHenthorn, William E.
1968Recent Archaeological Activity in North Korea (II): The Shell Mound at Sop'ohangHenthorn, William E.
1998Recent Archaeological Research in the Loyalty Islands of New CaledoniaSand, Christophe
1963Recent Exploration for the Remains of Early Man in IndiaKhatri, A.P.
2011Recent Recovery of Unpublished Field Notes of Theodore D. McCown’s Paleoanthropological Explorations in the Narmada River System, India, 1964–1965Kennedy, Kenneth A.R.; Langstroth, Elizabeth