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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984ObituaryKaneko, Erika
1981ObituaryGathercole, Peter W.
1981ObituaryFigueroa, G.
1987ObituaryFranzen, Jens
1983ObituaryChang, K.C.
1957Observations on the Lena NeolithicChard, Chester S.
1997An obsessed mariner’s notes on the Ningpo: A vessel from the junk tradeTilburg, Hans v.
2010Obsidian Sourcing in Bandung, IndonesiaChia, Stephen; Yondri, Lufti; Simantunjak, Truman
2006The Occurrence of Cereal Cultivation in ChinaLu, Tracy Lie Dan
1961Occurrences of Trade Porcelain and Stoneware in the RyukyusKerr, George H.
2011Of Cyclones and Constitutions: Notes from the FieldNardi, Dominic, Jr.
1988Olov R. T. JanseSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1983On "Diffusionists" and Legitimate Aims in Polynesian PrehistoryBellwood, Peter
2003On Chronology-Building for Central Thailand through an Attribute-Based Ceramic SeriationLertrit, Sawang
1997On Early Pottery-Making in the Russian Far EastZhushchikhovskaya, Irina
1990On the Archaeological Association of the Fossil Hominid from Hathnora, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaSalahuddin; Ganjoo, R.K.; Badam, G.L.; Rajaguru, S.N.
1983On the Extent of the Sa-huynh Culture in Continental Southeast AsiaFontaine, Henri
1988On the Improbability of Austronesian Origins in South ChinaMeacham, William
1962On the Origins of Traditional Vietnamese MusicJanse, Olov R.T.
2008Ongoing Archaeological Research on Fais Island, MicronesiaIntoh, Michiko