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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976Madagascar, the Indian Ocean, and Southeast Asia: A Review ArticleSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
2011Magh Marauders, Portuguese Pirates, White Elephants and Persian Poets:Arakan and Its Bay-of-Bengal Connectivities in the Early Modern EraForster, Richard
1961Magnetic Dating in JapanWatanabe, Naotune
1962Mahadevian': An Oldowan Pebble Culture of IndiaKahtri, A.P.
31-Oct-2014Mainstream Theories in Southeast Asian International Relations: Discourses and LimitationsChu, Ta-Wei
2008Making Southeast Asian Digital Collections at UHPaseng, Rohayati; Tillinghast, Beth; Chen, Claire; Boedemer, Margaret
26-Feb-40784Malakas Met “The Greatest”: Marcos’ Philippines and the Thrilla in ManilaQuinn, Thomas
25-Nov-21652Malay Literature & Law: New Evidence from Pre-Islamic Times-
1959MalayaPeacock, B.A.V.
1990Maluku: Its Place in the History of ScienceLamoureux, Charles H.
1993Maluku: the History, Societies, and Cultures of an Indonesian Province: A Bibliography of Texts in the English-Language-
1979Man and Society in the Works of the Indonesian Playwright Utuy Tatang Sontani; and, Awal and MiraAveling, Harry; Sontani, Utuy Tatang
1974Man in the Choshui and Tatu River Valleys in Central Taiwan: Preliminary Report of an Interdisciplinary Project, 1972-1973 SeasonChang, K.C.
1960Man Kok Tsui, Archaeological Site 30, Lantau Island, Hong KongDavis, S.G.; Tregear, Mary
31-Oct-2014Mandi Sbun Mandi [Bath Soap]: A Short Story by Djenar Maesa AyuConrad, Jesse; Ayu, Djenar Maesa
2002The Mangarevan Sequence and Dating of the Geographic Expansion into Southeast PolynesiaGreen, Roger C.; Weisler, Marshall I.
1997Maori Subsistence Change: Zooarchaeological Evidence from the Prehistoric Dog of New ZealandClark, Geoffrey R.
1999Marine Resource Management in Central Maluku, IndonesiaNovaczek, Irene; Harkes, Ingvild
2001The Martaban Trade: An Examination of the Literature from the Seventh until the Eighteenth CenturyGutman, Pamela
1973Martial Law in the Philippines: A Research Guide and Working BibliographyWalsh, Tom