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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Gambuh: A dance drama of the Balinese courts: Continuity and change in the spiritual and political power of Balinese performing artsSusilo, Emiko
2003Gamelan Wanita: A Study of Women's Gamelan in BaliSusilo, Emiko Saraswati
1968Gandhara Grave Complex in West PakistanDani, Ahmad Hasan
1961General Aspects of Dating in the Field of ArchaeologySmiiley, Terah L.
1961Geochronology based on Volcanic Ejecta and its Contributions to Archaeology in JapanKaizuka, Sohei
2007Geological Sourcing of Volcanic Stone Adzes from Neolithic Sites in Southeast ChinaRolett, Barry V.; Guo, Zhengfu; Jiao, Tianlong
1963Geology and Ecology of Taiwan PrehistoryLin, C.C.
1998Geomorphic and Archaeological Landscapes of the Sigatoka Dune Site, Viti Levu, Fiji: Interdisciplinary InvestigationsDickinson, William R.; Burley, David V.; Nunn, Patrick D.; Anderson, Atholl; Hope, Geoffrey; De Biran, Antoine; Burke, Christine; Matararaba, Sepeti
22-Dec-40787The Geopolitics of Cambodia During the Cold War PeriodDeth, Sok Udom
1975Gestapu: Indonesian Short Stories on the Abortive Communist Coup of 30th September 1965-
2004Glass Beads in Ancient India and Furnace-Wound Beads at Purdalpur: An Ethnoarchaeological ApproachKanungo, Alok Kumar
1990Glass Beads in Asia, Part I. IntroductionFrancis, Peter Jr.
1990Glass Beads in Asia, Part II. Indo-Pacific BeadsFrancis, Peter Jr.
1992The Glass Beads of Ban Bon Noen, Central ThailandPilditch, Jacqueline S.
1962A Glazed Bowl from Hung Sing Ye, Lamma Island, New Territories, Hong KongDevenish, David C.
2007The Gold Coast: Suvannabhumi? Lower Myanmar Walled Sites of the First Millenium A.D.-
1981The Graminae of Monsoonal and Equatorial Asia. II. Western Monsoon AsiaWhyte, Robert Orr
1973The Gramineae, Wild and Cultivated, of Monsoonal and Equatorial Asia. I. Southeast AsiaWhyte, Robert Orr
1975The Great Ifugao War: A Study in Archaeology and Oral HistoryMaher, Robert F.
14-Aug-2009“Great is Our Relationship with the Sea": Charting the Maritime Realm of the Sama of Southeast Sulawesi, IndonesiaNolde, Lance