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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975Early "Jar Burials" in Borneo and ElsewhereHarrisson, Tom
2009Early Architectural Images from Muara Jambi on Sumatra, IndonesiaTjoa-Bonatz, Mai Lin; Neidel, J. David; Widiatmoko, Agus
2013Early Buddhist Architecture in Context: The Great Stupa at Amaravati (ca. 300 bce –300 ce ). Akira Shimada. Leiden: Brill, 2012. pp. ISBN 978-9-004-23283-9.Johansen, Peter
2001Early Burmese Urbanization: Research and ConservationMiksic, John N.
1976Early Dates for "Seated" Burial and Burial Matting at Niah Caves, Sarawak (Borneo)Harrisson, Tom
2005The Early Exploitation of Southeast Asian Mangroves: Bone Technology from Caves and Open SitesRabett, Ryan J.
1978Early Historic Archaeology in JapanYokoyama, Koichi
1978Early Historic Forest Clearance around the Ancient Castle Site of Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture, JapanYasuda, Yoshinori
1989Early Neolithic Hemodu Culture along the Hangzhou Estuary and the Origin of Domestic Paddy Rice in ChinaZhao, Songqiao; Wu, Wei-Tang
1984Early Pottery and Population Movements in Micronesian PrehistoryTakayama, Jun
2010Early Pottery in South ChinaL, Tracey L-D
1991An Early Radiocarbon Chronology for the Hawaiian Islands: A Preliminary AnalysisHunt, Terry L.; Holsen, Robert M.
2001Early Settlement of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)Martinsson-Wallin, Helene; Crockford, Susan J.
1990Earthenware Pottery, the T'ai and the MalaySolheim, Wilhelm G. II
2004East Timor: The World's Newest Country, Grades 10-12Lamoureux, Flo
1981Easter Island Ahu Archaeology Twenty-Five Years after the Norwegian Expedition: A Review of the Ahu a Kivi-Vai Teka ComplexAyers, William S.
1981Easter Island FishingAyres, William S.
2002Eastern Polynesia - IntroductionKirch, Patrick V.; Conte, Eric
1981Ecological Context and the Prehistory of the West Central Taiwan CoastDewar, Robert
1998Ectoparasites of Coral Reef Fishes and Their Value as Biological Indicators of PollutionPattipeiluhu, Shelly M.; Gill, Margaret E.