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1960Regional ReportsSolheim, Wilhelm G.; Chard, Chester S.; Kim, Won-yong; Kidder, J Edward Jr.; Smith, Allan H.; Rudolph, Richard C.; Peacock, B.A.V.; Lamb, Alastair; Harrisson, Barbara; Evangelista, Alfredo E.; Chang, Kwang-chih; Suggs, Robert C.; Duff, Roger; Shutler, Richard Jr.; McCarthy, Frederick D.
1960Man Kok Tsui, Archaeological Site 30, Lantau Island, Hong KongDavis, S.G.; Tregear, Mary
1960Trans-Pacific ContactsEkholm, Gordon F.
19604:1&2 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
1960Palaeolithic Sites in Trans-Baikal, translated by Chester S. ChardOkladnikov, A.P.
1961A Report on the SymposiumGriffing, Robert P Jr.
1961General Aspects of Dating in the Field of ArchaeologySmiiley, Terah L.
1961Application of Palynology to Achaeological and Environmental Problems in the PacificShutler, Richard Jr.
1961Dating Methods and Related Deductions in the Niah Great CavesHarrisson, Tom
1961Magnetic Dating in JapanWatanabe, Naotune
1961A Review of Dating Methods now used in JapanWatanabe, Naotune
1961Geochronology based on Volcanic Ejecta and its Contributions to Archaeology in JapanKaizuka, Sohei
1961Report on New Zealand, Western Polynesia, New Caledonia and FijiGolson, Jack
1961Report on Australia and MelanesiaMcCarthy, Frederick D.
1961Peopling of the Pacific Islands in the Light of Radiocarbon DatingShutler, Richard Jr.
1961Time Depth and Culture Process in Maritime Northeast AsiaChard, Chester S.
1961Archaeology in Micronesia: Background, Palau Studies, and Suggestions for the FutureOsborne, Douglas
1961Occurrences of Trade Porcelain and Stoneware in the RyukyusKerr, George H.
1961Results of Excavations in MalayaMatthews, John
1961EditorialSolheim, Wilhelm G. II