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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Pacific Seascapes, Canoe Performance, and a Review of Lapita Voyaging with Regard to Theories of MigrationIrwin, Geoffrey
1975Paikara: An Iron Age Burial in South IndiaHockings, Paul
1968Painted Barrel-Shaped Vessels of the Middle Jomon PeriodKidder, J Edward Jr.
1981Palaeoanthropological Investigations of the Thai-American Expedition in Northern Thailand (1978-1980): An Interim ReportPope, Geoffrey G.; Frayer, David W.; Liangchareon, Malai; Kulasing, Pinit; Nakabanlang, Supaporn
1975The Palaeodemography of a Prehistoric Thai Population: Non Nok ThaPietrusewsky, Michael
2010The Palaeolithic Exploitation of the Lithic Raw Materials and the Organization of Foraging Territory in Northeastern JapanYoshikawa, Kohtaro
1992The Palaeolithic in Southern ChinaOlsen, John W.; Miller-Antonio, Sari
1960Palaeolithic Sites in Trans-Baikal, translated by Chester S. ChardOkladnikov, A.P.
1978Palembang as Srivijaya: The Lateness of Early Cities in Southern Southeast AsiaBronson, Bennet; Wisseman, Jan
2004Panxian Dadong, South China: Establishing a Record of Middle Pleistocene Climatic ChangesWei, Wang; Jun, Liu; Yamei, Hou; Xinqiang, Si; Weiwen, Huang; Schepartz, Lynne A.; Miller-Antonio, Sari
2011Paper Money in Phnom Penh: Beyond the Sino-Khmer TraditionAnn, Sovatha
1999The participation of women workers in the Indonesian Labor Opposition movement in 1990sKodama, Akiko
1992Partikel-partikel Dalam Klausa, Kalimat dan Wancana Melayu Ambon: Catatan PendahuluanTjia, Johnny
2005Past Human Activity and Geomorphological Change in a Guano-Rich Tropical Cave Mouth: Initial Interpretations of the Late Quaternary Succession in the Great Cave of Niah, SarawakGilbertson, David; Bird, Michael; Hunt, Christopher; McLaren, Sue; Banda, Richard Mani; Pyatt, Brian; Rose, James; Stephens, Mark
2004Past inscription: The mythopoetics of Ankarn KalyanapongMattioli, John
1997Patterns of Animal Utilization in the Holocene of the Philippines: A Comparison of Faunal Samples from Four Archaeological SitesMudar, Karen M.
2005Patterns of Habitation and Burial Activity in the Ban Rai Rock Shelter, Northwestern ThailandTreerayapiwat, Cherdsak
1961Peopling of the Pacific Islands in the Light of Radiocarbon DatingShutler, Richard Jr.
2004Persistent ambiguities: Vietnamese ethnology in Doi Moi period (1968-2001)Koh, Priscilla
1997Personal Names, Lexical Replacement, and Language Shift in Eastern IndonesiaFlorey, Margaret; Bolton, Rosemary A.