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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Indo-Pacific Migration and Colonization--IntroductionAnderson, Atholl; O'Connor, Sue
1959IndochinaJanse, Olov R.T.; Malleret, Louis; Chidaine, John G.
2004The Indonesian Military as a Professional Organization Criteria and Ramifications for ReformBradford, John F.
2008Infant Death in Late Prehistoric Southeast AsiaHalcrow, Sian E.; Tayles, Nancy; Livingstone, Vicki
1989An Inscribed Tablet from Kedah, Malaysia: Comparison with Earlier FindsAllen, Jane
2001Intensification of Agriculture at Ban Chiang: Is There Evidence from the Skeletons?Pietrusewsky, Michael; Douglas, Michele Toomay
2011Intensive Archaeological Survey in Southeast Asia: Methodological and Metallurgical Insights from Khao Sai On, Central ThailandPryce, T.O.; Bevan, A.H.; Ciarla, R.; Rispoli, F.; Castillo, C.; Hassett, B.; Malakie, J.L.
2009Intensive Dryland Agriculture in Kaupō, Maui, Hawaiian IslandsKirch, Patrick V.; Holson, John; Baer, Alexander
2007Inter- and Intraregional Variation in the Austronesian Painting Tradition: A View from East TimorO'Connor, Sue; Oliveira, Nuno Vasco
1994Interaction and Social Complexity in Lingnan during the First Millenium B.C.Allard, Francis
1978Interpretation of Sai Yok and Ban Kao Sites, Central ThailandBayard, Donn T.; Parker, R.H.
2011Interpreting Social Differentiation by Examining the House and Settlement Patterns and the Flow of Resources: A Case Study of Pai-wan Slate House Settlements in Southern TaiwanChen, Maa-ling
31-Oct-2014Interrelationships in South and Southeast Asian Art: Cham Female Iconography, Buddhist Inscriptions and the Buddha ImageChau, Mya
24-Jun-40788Interrogating National Identity Ethnicity, Language and History in K.S. Maniam's The Return and Shirley Geok-lin Lim's Joss and GoldJeyathurai, Dashini
2007Interview with Malaysian Filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad (Patricia Gillespie)Ahmad, Yasmin; Gillespie, Patrica
2007Interview with Malyasian Filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad (with Wimal Dissanayake)Ahmad, Yasmin; Dissanyake, Wimal
2010IntroductionBleed, Peter
1996IntroductionGriffin, P. Bion; Huliselan, Mus
1999IntroductionGoss, Jon D.
1959Introduction to Sa-HuynhSolheim, Wilhelm G. II