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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973FijiPalmer, Bruce
2006Film Festival Discussion: Gubra (Malaysia)Shukuri, Elyna; Sharifah, Amani
2006Film Festival Discussion: Love for Share (Indonesia)Dinata, Nia; Noer, Jajang C.
2008Film Festival Discussion: Maximo Oliveros (Philippines)Lee, Raymond
1990Fine-Bodied White Earthenwares of Southeast Asia: Some X-Ray Flourescence TestsMiksic, John N.; Yap, C.T.
1983Fire and the Energy Efficiency of Swidden ArgricultureRambo, A. Terry
1973The First C-14 Date for an Open Site in BorneoHarrisson, Tom; O'Connor, S.J.
1962A First Classification of Prehistoric Bone and Tooth ArtifactsHarrisson, Tom; Medway, Lord
1996First Direct 14C Ages on Hawaiian PetroglyphsStasack, Edward; Dorn, Ronald I.; Lee, Georgia
2012First Farmers: The Origins of Agricultural Societies by P. S. Bellwood, and: The Peopling of East Asia: Putting Together Archaeology, Linguistics and Genetics ed. by L. Sagart, R. Blench, and A. Sanchez-Mazas, and: The Origins of Pottery and Agriculture ed. by Y. Yasuda (review)Barton, Loukas
1975The First International Conference on Comparative Austronesian Linguistics: OceanicLincoln, Peter C.
1975The First International Conference on Comparative Austronesian Linguistics: Western AustronesianMintz, Malcolm Warren
1997The Fishermen of Anapua Rock Shelter, Ua Pou, Marquesas IslandsLeach, Foss; Davidson, Janet; Horwood, Michelle; Ottino, Pierre
1998Flaked Glass Tools from the Andaman Islands and AustraliaCooper, Zarine; Bowdler, Sandra
2008Flexibility and Creativity in Microblade Core Manufacture in Southern Primorye, Far East RussiaDoelman, Trudy
1966A Flint Industry from Southwest New Britain, Territory of New GuineaChowning, Ann; Goodale, Jane C.
1996Foreign Encounters In an Aruese LandscapeDolcemascolo, Glenn
1979A "Forgotten" Bronze Ship and a Recently Discovered Bronze Weaver from Eastern Indonesia: A Problem PaperAdams, Marie Jeanne
1963Formosan Relationships with Southeast AsiaSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1979Fossil Coral Artifact from Niah CaveOakley, Kenneth P.