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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Environmental Change and Prehistoric Polynesian Settlement in Hawai'iAthens, J Stephen; Ward, Jerome V.
1994Environmental Variability and Traditional Hawaiian Land Use Patterns: Manuka's Cultural Islands in Seas of LavaAllen, Melinda S.; McAnany Patricia A.
2000Escalating Socio-Environmental Stress and the Preconditions for Political Instability in South Seram: The Very Special Case of the NuauluEllen, Roy
1962The Ethnic History of Japan, translated and edited by Chester S ChardLevin, M.G.
2007Ethnicity in the Southern Provinces of ThailandOwens, William M.
1990Ethnoarchaeological Research in AsiaGriffin, P. Bion; Solheim, Wilhelm G. II
1988The Ethnobotany of Rice in Island Southeast AsiaChang, Te-Tzu
1982Ethnocultural History of Southeast Asia as Based on the Materials of the 14th Pacific Sciences Congress (Khabarovsk, August 1979)Chesnov, Y.V.
1975Ethnographic and Archaeological Aspects of a Flaked Stone Collection from Seram, Eastern IndonesiaGlover, Ian C.; Ellen, Roy F.
1996Ethnomedicine In Maluku, Eastern IndonesiaEtkin, Nina L.; Gollin, Lisa X.; Binneendyk, Doksy; Soselisa, Hermien
1991Etymology, Entomology, and Nutrition: Another Word from PigafettaCollins, James T.; Novotny, Rachel
1995Evidence for Prehistoric Dryland Farming in Mainland Southeast Asia: Results of Regional Survey in Lopburi Province, ThailandMudar, Karen M.
1989The Evolution of Outrigger Canoes from Fish TrapsWhitley, Glenn R.
2010An Examination of Chronology, Ethnic Group, and Social Ranking Based on Mortuary Data from Central KoreaKang, Bong Won
2008Examining Prehistoric Migration Patterns in the Palauan Archipelago: A Computer Simulated Analysis of Drift VoyagingCallaghan, Richard; Fitzpatrick, Scott M.
1972Excavation at Non Nok Tha, Northeastern Thailand, 1968: An Interim ReportBayard, Donn T.
2008Excavation in Peva Valley, Rurutu, Austral Islands (East Polynesia)Bollt, Robert
1963Excavations and Discoveries at Tap'enk'eng and other Prehistoric Sites of Pali DistrictLiu, Pin-hsiung
1990Excavations at Arku Cave, Northeast Luzon, PhilippinesThiel, Barbara
1987Excavations at Bagumbayan, Masbate, Central Philippines: An Economic AnalysisBay-Peterson, Jan