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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Contribution to the Geoarchaeology of Truk, MicronesiaBrooks, C.C.
2004A Conversation with Huang Weiwen: Reflections on Asian Paleolithic ResearchMiller-Antonio, Sari; Schepartz, Lynne A.
1971The Copper Hoards Problem: A Technological AngleAgrawal, D.P.
2000Could installation art be the new medium for Southeast Asia?-
1993Craft Goods Specialization and Prestige Goods Exchange in Philippine Chiefdoms of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth CenturiesJunker, Laura Lee
2006Craft Production and Social Change in Mumun Pottery Period KoreaBale, Martin T.; Ko, Min-jung
1998Creating modern traditions in Balinese performing artsAskovic, Ivana
1992Crisis and Failure: War and Revolt in the Ambon Islands, 1636 - 1637Knapp, Gerrit J.
1993Cultural and Biological Differentiation in Peninsular Malaysia: The Last 10,000 YearsBellwood, Peter
1994Cultural Dynamics and the Ritual Role of Woods in Pre-Contact Hawai'iKolb, Michael J.; Murakami, Gail M.
2013Cultural Landscapes of War and Political RegenerationKim, Nam C.
1974Cultural Sequence in Western KyushuMohr, Albert; Yoshizaki, Masakazu
1997Cultural sublimation: The museumizing of IndonesiaRath, Amanda
2000Culture History of the Toalean of South Sulawesi, IndonesiaBulbeck, David; Pasqua, Monique; Di Lello, Adrian
1985Cultures and Ethnic Groups West of China in the Second and First Millennia B.C.Jettmar, Karl
2002Current Research on the Island of Ua Huka, Marquesas Archipelago, French PolynesiaConte, Eric
1998Damar in the pasar of Manado, North Sulawesi: A search for resins in an Indonesian marketHale, Daniel B.
2009Dancing in Shadows: Lessons from the Cambodian Tragedy for TodayWidyono, Benny