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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Assemblage Definition, Analytic Methods, and Sources of Variability in the Interpretation of Marquesan Subsistence ChangeDye, Tom
2010Assessing the Reality of a Palaeolithic “Dwelling Structure” in the Japanese Archipelago: The Structure of the Tana-Mukaihara SiteSakashita, Takanori
1998The Australian National University-National Museum of Vanuatu Archaeology Project: A Preliminary Report on the Establishment of Cultural Sequences and Rock Art ResearchBedford, Stuart; Spriggs, Matthew; Wilson, Meredith; Regenvanu, Ralph
1972The Australian-Indonesian Archaeological Expedition to SulawesiMulvaney, D.J.; Soejono, R.P.
1988The Austronesian Homeland: A Linguistic PerspectiveBlust, Robert
1988Austronesian Origins and Expansion: The Philippine Archaeological DataThiel, Barbara
1988Author/Title Index-
1982The Autobiography of Lady Siphroma KridakonKridakon, Siphroma
1999Babad Buleleng placed within historical contextTatu, Robin
1996Bacan Dukun and MatakuCrowder, Linda Sun
1979A Balinese Journal Continued, 1973-1979Hilbery, Rosemary
1975A Balinese Journal, 1971-1972Hilbery, Rosemary
1966Basic Problems of the Prehistoric Archaeology of VietnamBoriskovsky, P.I.
1998Batavia through the eyes of Vietnamese envoysKelley, Liam C.
1991Beads in Indonesia: A Review of the EvidenceFrancis, Peter Jr.
1997Beemer, B. (1997). Bangkok Postcard: forgetting and remembering "Hok Tulaa", the October 6 MassacreBeemer, Bryce
2012Behavioural Complexity and Modern Traits in the Philippine Upper PalaeolithicPawlik, Alfred F.
11-Jun-40786Being a Santri: Notes from the FieldWafiroh, Nihayatul
1988Benedict's Austo-Tai Hypothesis--An EvaluationReid, Lawrence A.
1990Bernard Philippe Groslier 1926-1986Moore, Elizabeth