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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Southeast Asian Research Tools: LaosKeyes, Charles F.
1973Southeast Solomons FieldworkGreen, Roger C.
27-Oct-2010Sovereign Yet Subordinate: The Use of Buddhist Discourse During the Reigns of King Rama IV, V, and VI in Siam (1851-1925)Schedneck, Brooke
1998Spatial Patterns in Meiofaunal Communities in Maluku, and Their Potential Uses as BiomonitorsUneputty, P.; Frid, C.L.J.
1998Spatial Similarities and Change in Hawaiian Architecture: The Expression of Ritual Offering and Kapu in Luakini Heiau, Residential Complexes, and HousesLadefoged, Thegn N.
2007Speaking American in Indonesian Islamic boarding schoolsPappa, Tim S.
1990Specialization and Exchange in the Lapita Complex of Oceania (1600-500 B.C.)Kirch, Patrick V.
2007“Spice Island” forts, colonial monuments: A photo essay from Ternate Island, MalukuGrant, Sarah G.
2007Spirit Writing in Colonial Vietnam: The Role of a Folk Religion in the Emergence of Modern Vietnamese NationalismKelley, Liam C.
1994States of Theory and States of Asia: Regional Perspectives on States in AsiaMorrison, Kathleen D.
1991Stegodonts and the Dating of Stone Tool Assemblages in Island Southeast AsiaAllen, Harry
1984A Stone Adze from Ponape, Eastern Caroline IslandsAthens, J Stephen
1984Stone Adzes of the Black Current Region - Polished Stone Adzes of Hachijo IslandOda, Shizuo
1978The Stone Age of JapanSerizawa, Chosuke
1964A Stone and Bronze Tool Cave in SabahHarrisson, Tom
1964A Stone Artifact from Lower Mandailing, SumatraTugby, Donald J.; Tugby, Elise
1974Stone Artifacts from Borneo Paralleled in Polynesia (and Elsewhere?)Harrisson, Tom
1973Stone Artifacts from Tonga and FijiBirks, Lawrence; Birks, Helen
2007Stone Axe Technology in Neolithic South India: New Evidence from the Sanganakallu-Kupgal Region, Mideastern KarnatakaBrumm, Adam; Boivin, Nicole; Korisettar, Ravi; Koshy, Jinu; Whittaker, Paula
1964Stone Ring at Loh Ah Tsai, Lamma Island, Hong KongChiu, T.N.; So, C.L.; Bard, S.M.