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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Social Complexity in North China during the Early Bronze Age: A Comparative Study of the Erlitou and Lower Xiajiadian CulturesShelach, Gideon
1995Social Development in Ambon During the 19th Century: Ambonese BurgerLeirissa, R.Z.
2002Social Integration and the Ala Loa: Reconsidering the Significance of Trails in Hawaiian ExchangeMills, Peter R.
19-Sep-71063Social Networking in Higher EducationGilliam, Ronald
2010Social Variation and Dynamics in Metal Age and Protohistoric Central Thailand: A Regional PerspectiveEyre, Chureekamol Onsuwan
27-Oct-2010Socially Engaged Buddhism and the “Just War”: A Contradiction in Terms?Johnson, Jordan
1988Some Archaeological Questions of the Northern Vietnamese Coastal Areas in Relation to Austronesian OriginsPhong, Ngo The
1997Some Memories of Sood SangvichienPietrusewsky, Michael
1990Some Methodological Issues of Exchange in Oceanic PrehistoryHunt, Terry L.; Graves, Michael W.
1973Some Pediform Artifacts as Footprints in Space and TimeJanse, Olov R.T.
1995Some Preliminary Thoughts on Maneo Marriage and HistoryHagen, James
2011An Son and the Neolithic of Southern VietnamBellwood, Peter; Oxenham, Marc; Hoang, Bui Chi; Dzung, Nguyen Kim; Willis, Anna; Sarjeant, Carmen; Piper, Phillip; Matsumura, Hirofumi; Tanaka, Katsunori; Beavan-Athfield, Nancy; Higham, Thomas; Manh, Nguyen Quoc; Kinh, Dang Ngoc; Kien, Nguyen Khanh Trung; Huong, Vo Thanh; Bich, Vang Ngoc; Quy, Tran Thi Kim; Thao, Nguyen Phuong; Campos, Fredeliza; Sato, Yo-Ichiro; Cuong, Nguyen Lan; Amano, Noel
1997Sood Sangvichien, 1907-1995Subhava, Vadhana; Pramankij, Somsak; Solheim, Wilhelm G. II
1990The Sound Sytem of Ambonese MalayVan Minde, D.
2010South Asia—Perennial Backwater or Object of Biased Assessment: A Discussion Based on Current Archaeological, Anthropological, and Genetic EvidenceSingh, Varun
1973South Orissa Prehistory - The First Record of Stone Age ToolsTripathy, K.C.
1959Southeast AsiaSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1974Southeast Asian Regional Organization in ArchaeologySolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1979Southeast Asian Research Tools: LaosKeyes, Charles F.
1973Southeast Solomons FieldworkGreen, Roger C.