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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988The Sa Huynh Culture: Recent DiscoveriesHong, Ngo Sy
1992Sago in Malauku: Past, Present, and Future ProspectsRumalatu, Frederick
2000Sagu Salempeng Tapata Dua: Conflict and Resource Management in Central MalukuSoselisa, Hermien L.
1997The Salient Features of Site Location in the Andaman Islands, Indian OceanCooper, Zarine
27-Oct-2010Seals of Red and Letters of Gold: Japanese Relations with Southeast Asia in the 17th CenturySeifman, Travis
1981The Second International Conference on Comparative Austronesian LinguisticsTryon, D.T.
2007Sedentism, Territorial Circumscription, and the Increased Use of Plant Domesticates Across Neolithic-Broze Age KoreaNorton, Christopher J.
1991Seeking the Past through the Present: Recent Ethnoarchaeological Research in South AsiaSinopoli, Carla M.
1963A Selected Bibliography of Taiwan Archaeology 1953-1962Chang, Kwang-chih
1984Settlement on Ulithi Atoll, Western Caroline IslandsCraib, John L.
1992Settlement Pattern Change in Hawai'i: Testing a Model for the Cultural Response to Population CollapseSweeney, Maria
2008Settlement Patterns at Saqacengalj, a Slate House Settlement in Southern TaiwanChen, Maa-ling
1968Several Types of Obsolete Madagascan PotteryVerin, Pierre Michel
1971A Short History of Archaeological Studies in Taiwan from 1895 to 1949: with a BibliographyWu, David Yen-ho
1983The Significance of Clay Rollers of the Ban Chiang Culture, ThailandFolan, William J.; Hyde, Burma H.
1976The Significance of Lithic Finds in the Cave Areas of Kurnool, IndiaMurty, M.L.K.; Reddy, K Thimma
1998Singapore: A History of the Lion CitySchelander, Bjorn
2002Site LPO023 of Kurin: Characteristics of a Lapita Settlement in the Loyalty Islands (New Caledonia)Sand, Christophe; Bole, Jacques; Ouetcho, Andre
1968Sites in Yamanashi Prefecture and Middle Jomon AgricultureKamikawana, Akira
2003Skeletal Variation among Mesolithic People of the Ganga Plains: New Evidence of Habitual Activity and Adaptation to ClimateLukacs, John R.; Pal, J.N.