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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Divided Opinions about Adatpela: A Study of Pela Tamilou-Siri-Sori-HutumuruHuwae, Sylvia
1994The Dutch Language in Maluku Under the VOCGroeneboer, Kees
1998Ectoparasites of Coral Reef Fishes and Their Value as Biological Indicators of PollutionPattipeiluhu, Shelly M.; Gill, Margaret E.
2000Escalating Socio-Environmental Stress and the Preconditions for Political Instability in South Seram: The Very Special Case of the NuauluEllen, Roy
1996Ethnomedicine In Maluku, Eastern IndonesiaEtkin, Nina L.; Gollin, Lisa X.; Binneendyk, Doksy; Soselisa, Hermien
1991Etymology, Entomology, and Nutrition: Another Word from PigafettaCollins, James T.; Novotny, Rachel
1993Faded Images of Old Tidore in Contemporary Southeast Seram: A View from the PeripheryEllen, Roy
1996Foreign Encounters In an Aruese LandscapeDolcemascolo, Glenn
1995Historic Aerial Photographs of MalukuKeogh, Warren J.
2002Historic Maps and Archaeology as a Means of Understanding Late Precolonial Settlement in the Banda Islands, IndonesiaLape, Peter V.
1996Hunting the Cuscus in Western Seram: The Role of the Phalanger in Subsistence Economies in Central MalukuLatinis, Kyle
1998Hydrographic Influences on Zooplankton Biodiversity around Pulau Ambon, MalukuFrid, C.L.J.; Huliselan, N.V.
1998The Impacts of Fiddler Crabs on Sediments of Mangrove ShoresRetraubun, Alex S.W.; Dawson, Mike; Evans, Stewart M.
2000Impacts of Violence and Prospects for PeaceLange, Kirk; Goss, Jon D.
1998In the Footsteps of Wallace: The First Two Seasons of Archeaological Research in the Aru Islands, MalukuSpriggs, Matthew; Veth, Peter; O'Connor, Susan
1996IntroductionGriffin, P. Bion; Huliselan, Mus
1999IntroductionGoss, Jon D.
1991J.P.B. de Josselin de Jong's Wetan Fieldnotes: An Extended AppreciationCarpenter, Kathie
1991Local Trade Networks in Maluku in the 16th, 17th and 18th CenturiesAndaya, Leonard
1990Maluku: Its Place in the History of ScienceLamoureux, Charles H.