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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1976Descriptive summary of a North Kona burial cave, island of HawaiiAllen, M.S.; Hunt, T.L.
Aug-1976Koa and Lehua timber harvesting and product utilization: religio-ecological relationships in Hawaii, A.D. 1778Apple, Russell A.
Aug-1976Studies on the endemic Hawaiian genus: Hibiscadelphus (Hau-Kuahiwi)Baker, Ken; Allen, Suzy
Aug-1976The occurrence and ecological significance of metallic skinks on the islands of Hawai'I and Kaua'iBaker, Ken
Aug-1976Saving the 'Alal? (Corvus Tropicus)--some preliminary management recommendationsBanko, Paul C.
Aug-1976Role of food depletion by foreign organisms in historical decline of Hawaiian forest birdsBanko, Winston E.; Banko, Paul C.
Aug-1976Front Matter-
Aug-1976The major vegetation types and ecological in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and their application to park management and researchMueller-Dombois, D.
Aug-1976Live color photography of endemic Hawaiian invertebratesMull, William P.
Aug-1976Hydration-rind dates from archaeological sites in the South Point area: a contribution to Hawaiian prehistoryHunt, Terry L.
Aug-1976Topoclimatic gradients in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkJuvik, J.O.; Clarke, C.G.
Aug-1976The influence of feral pigs on a native alpine grassland in Haleakala National ParkJacobi, James D.
Aug-1976Pu-u Kohol? Heiau National Historic Site plant surveyMacneil, James D Jr.; Croft, Lisa K.; Hemmes, Don E.
Aug-1976Phenological studies in Hawaii Volanoes National ParkLamoureux, C.H.
Aug-1976Current studies of K?-lau-ea and Mauna Kea Volcanoes by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory of the U.S. Geological SurveyLipman, P.W.; Anderson, L.A.; Koyanagi, R.Y.; Lockwood, J.P.
Aug-1976Variation of Hawaiian Metrosideros along the south and east flanks of Mauna Loa, HawaiiCorn, Carolyn A.
Aug-1976Mites associated with fumarole in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkGoff, M Lee
Aug-1976Summary of results of preliminary investigations at the Hilina Pali Petroglyph Cave and associated sitesCleghorn, Paul C.
Aug-1976The Kala-Pana extension: its variety, vegetation and valueWarshauer, Frederick R.
Aug-1976Patterns in the distribution and abundance of the Palila on Mauna Keavan Riper, C III; Scott, J.M.