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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1982Salmonella in two gecko species on the island of HawaiiChan, John G.; Shero, Charlene; Young, Laura; Bareng, Barney
Aug-1976Saving the 'Alal? (Corvus Tropicus)--some preliminary management recommendationsBanko, Paul C.
Jun-1978Second conference on national resources remarks by Roger Skolmen at dedication of the Hawaii Field Research Center on behalf of station director CallahamCallaham, Robert Z.
Jun-1978The September 1977 eruption of Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'iMoore, Richard B.; Dzurisin, Daniel; Eaton, Gordon P.; Koyanagi, Robert Y.; Lipman, Peter W.; Lockwood, John P.; Puniwai, Gary S.; Tuthill Helz, Rosalind
Jun-1984Sexual dimorphism and sexual selection in Hawaiian DrosophilaCarson, H.L.
Jun-1982Silversword alliance in the bogs of east Maui: a continuing reportGagne, Betsy H.
Jun-1978Some aspects of a shell disease in the Hawaiian freshwater shrimp, Atya Bisulcata (Randall)Chan, John G.
Jun-1980Some environmental factors governing the distribution of terrestrial cave animalsHowarth, Frank G.
Jun-1978Some limiting factors and research needs of endangered Hawaiian forest birdsBanko, Winston E.
Jun-1982Some recent biological discoveries in Hawai'i, photographed aliveMull, William P.
Jun-1980Spatial variation and vegetation dynamics in the coastal lowland ecosystem, Hawaii Volcanoes National parkMue1ler-Dombois, Dieter
Jun-1978Stand analysis of an invading Firetree (Myrica Faya) population, Hawai'iSmathers, Garrett A.; Gardner, Donald E.
Jun-1982State of Hawaii Nene propagation--past, present, and futureWalker, Ronald L.
Jun-1984Status of feral pig management and research in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkStone, C.P.; Taylor, D.
Jun-1986Status of insects introduced into Hawai'i for the biological control of the wild blackberry Rubus argutus linkNagata, R.F.; Markin, G.P.
Jun-1982Status of management of feral goats in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkKatahira, L.K.; Stone, C.P.
Jun-1984Status of stream channel modification in Hawaii and its effects on native aquatic faunaParrish, J.D.; Maciolek, J.A.; Timbol, A.S.; Hathaway, C B Jr.; Norton, S.E.
Jun-1978The status of the Hawaiian Dark-Rumpled Petrel at HaleakalaKjargaard, John I.
Jun-1982The status of the Mauna Kea silverswordCarr, Gerald D.; Meyrat, Alain
Jun-1982Status of the Nene population on Hawaii and Maui between 1975-1980Devick, William S.