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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1986A radio telemetry method for eradicating remnant feral goats in Hawai'i Volcanoes National ParkTaylor, D.; Katahira, L.
Jun-1978The rare and threatened plants in the Ahupua'a of Manuka, Kaulanamauna, and Kapu'a, South Kona, Hawai'iCroft, Lisa K.; Higashino, Paul K.
Jun-1984Reciprocal courtship experiments between allopatric populations of Theridion grallator: assymetrical isolation and incipient speciation depends on habitat heterogeneityGong, S M III
Jun-1980Recovery of Koa trees defoliated by the Koa Moth, Scotorythra Paludicola (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)Stein, John D.
Aug-1976Reestablishment of native flora and fauna in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkReeser, D.
Jun-1984Remnant native vegetation at a lowland site near Kihei, MauiMedeiros, A.C.; Loope, L.L.; Hobdy, R.
Jun-1980A research design for the study of human settlement and environmental change in Southwestern O'ahu: re-evaluation of the strategy based on new workDavis, Bertell D.
Jun-1982Research on ecotypes of MetrosiderosStemmermann, Lani
Jun-1978Resource tracking patterns in acari associated with birds in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: a preliminary reportGoff, M Lee
Jun-1982Resources management problems in Halekala National Park and current status of park efforts to mitigate these problemsCooper,R B.; Nagata, R.J.
Jun-1982Response of broomsedge to soil fertility and limeGardner, Donald E.; McCall, Wade W.
Jun-1982Response of Passiflora Molissima (Hbk.) Bailey to experimental canopy removal: a simulation of natural gap formation in a closed-canopy Cibotium Spp. Forest in Ola'a Tract, Hawai'iSmathers, Garrett A.
Jun-1980Responses of feral pigs to trap types and food baitsDiong, C.H.
Aug-1976Role of food depletion by foreign organisms in historical decline of Hawaiian forest birdsBanko, Winston E.; Banko, Paul C.
Jun-1986The role of puppets in preserving native Hawaiian ecosystemsKageler, D.; Diotalevi, J.; Schuerch, K.; Fuller, K.
Aug-1976Role of research in the management of natural resources in area administered by National Park Service in HawaiiWallis, O.L.
Jun-1978The role of the Hawaiian Two-Lined 'Ohi'a Borer, Plagithmysus Bilineatus Sharp, in the decline of 'Ohi'a-Lehua forests on the island of Hawai'iPapp, Richard P.
Jun-1978Roof rat depredations on Hibiscadelphus (Malvaceae) TreesBaker, James K.; Allen, Melinda S.
Jun-1982Salmonella in two gecko species on the island of HawaiiChan, John G.; Shero, Charlene; Young, Laura; Bareng, Barney
Aug-1976Saving the 'Alal? (Corvus Tropicus)--some preliminary management recommendationsBanko, Paul C.