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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1980Palau: diversity and status of the native vegetation of a unique Pacific Island ecosystemCanfield, Joan E.
Aug-1976Patterns in the distribution and abundance of the Palila on Mauna Keavan Riper, C III; Scott, J.M.
Aug-1976Phenological studies in Hawaii Volanoes National ParkLamoureux, C.H.
Jun-1980The phenology of some fruiting and flowering plants in a mid-elevation wet forest of Mauna LoaRalph, C John
Jun-1980Photometric monitoring of foliage loss from a wind storm, Island of Hawai'iGerrish, Grant
Aug-1976The physiography and marine fauna of inshore and intertidal areas in the Pu-u-Kohola Heiau National Historic SiteCheney, Daniel P.; Hemmes, Donald E.; Nolan, Ronald L.
Jun-1980Plant invasion into an 'Ohi'a tree fern rain forest following experimental canopy openingBurton, Philip J.
Jun-1978Planting, a tool for native ecosystem restorationReeser, Don
Jun-1978Pohakuloa propagation project: a continuing success storyLee, Ah Fat
Jun-1980Pollination mechanisms as a limiting factor in the development of the Orchidaceous Flora of Hawai'iKores, Paul
Jun-1982Population biology of wooden plant species of Haleakala: a progress reportSmith, C.W.
Jun-1984Population ecology and successional behavior of exotic and native shrubs in the devastation area, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HawaiiWright, R.A.
Jun-1982Population, distribution and adverse effects of feral goats at Haleakala National ParkKjargaard, John I.
Jun-1978Prehistoric Hawaiian birdsZiegler, Alan C.
Jun-1980Preliminary notes on the host range and habits of a Myrmeleontid Antlion larva found on the Island of Hawai'i (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontid)Davis, C.J.
Jun-1982Preliminary notes on the spiders of shrubs of Southern California, Oahu and GuamPinter, Lawrence J.
Jun-1980Problems with the long-term maintenance of Mamane (Sophora Chrysophylla) in the Central Crater Area of Haleakala National ParkJacobi, James D.
Jun-1986A prodromus of the water bear fauna of Haleakala National ParkGon, S M III; Kimsey, R.A.; Schuster, R.O.; Willis, M.A.
Jun-1982Productivity and movements of Nene in the Ka'u Desert, Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkStone, C.P.; Hoshide, H.; Banko P.C.
Jun-1982Productivity of wild and captive Nene populationsBanko, Paul C.