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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1980Laboratory studies on the parasitism of the Formosan Subterranean Termite by an Entomogenous NematodeFujii, Jack K.
Jun-1986The larval Trombiculid Mites (chiggers) of the Philippine islandsBrown, W.A.
Jun-1982Late Holocene vegetation history from Hawaiian peat depositJuvik, James; Lawrence, Lyn
Jun-1980A late look at some Hawaiian tree snailsMull, William P.
Jun-1984Leaf litter decomposition in Hawaiian streamsArcher, K.M.; Parrish, J.D.
Jun-1978Lek behavior and ecology of two homosequential sympatric Hawaiian Drosophila: Drosophila Heteroneura and Drosophila SilvestrisConant, Patrick
Aug-1976Live color photography of endemic Hawaiian invertebratesMull, William P.
Jun-1984The lowland dry forest and scrub of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: vegetation recovery in an historically stressed ecosystemWilliams, J.
Aug-1976M?mane forest decline on Mauna Kea: a reality or mythScowcroft, Paul G.
Jun-1986Maggot and worm revisited: the role of the entomologist in homocide investigationGoff, M.L.
Aug-1976The major vegetation types and ecological in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and their application to park management and researchMueller-Dombois, D.
Aug-1976Management of science reserve areasKjargaard, John I.
Jun-1978A mathematical model of 'Ohi'a dieback as a natural phenomenonEvenson, William E.
Jun-1982The Maui Forest Disease and its impact of forestry in HawaiiHolt, Robert Alan
Aug-1976The Mauna Kea Adz Quarry Complex, Hawaii: a first analysisMcCoy, Patrick C.
Jun-1982The Melbourne Hillebrand Collection of Hawaiian plantsCorn, Carolyn A.
Jun-1982Methods for censusing Rock Wallabies on OahuSutterfield, T.
Aug-1976Mites associated with fumarole in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkGoff, M Lee
Jun-1982Mites that sizzle, slosh and go bump in the dark: exploitation of stress habitats by Acari in the Hawaiian islandsGoff, M Lee
Jun-1984Morphological anomalies of two geckos, Hemidactylus Frenatus and Lepidodactylus Lugubris, and the toad, Bufo Marinus, on the island of HawaiiChang, P.R.K.; Shero, C.M.; Watts, C.