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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1978Factors for controlling the distribution of exotic plants in the Ko'olau Mountains, O'ahuGerrish, Grant
Jun-1980Factors limiting the reproductive success of NeneBanko, Paul C.
Jun-1982The fern genus Nephrolepsis in HawaiiLamoureux, Charles H.
Jun-1982The Fern Jungle Exclosure in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: 13 years without feral pigs in a rain forestHigashino, P.K.; Stone, C.P.
Jun-1982Field observations of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly and the Oriental Fruit Fly in the National ParkArita, Lorna H.
Jun-1982Field studies of Oahu's native tree snailsHadfield, Michael G.
Aug-1976Fifteen years of vegetation invasion and recovery after a volcanic eruption in HawaiiSmathers, Garrett A.
Jun-1986Fine litterfall and leaf decomposition in a montane koa-ohia rain forestScowcroft, P.G.
Jun-1980Fish and Decapod Crustacea in altered and unaltered streams on the Island of Hawai'iTimbol, Amadeo S.
Jun-1986The floral biology of the Hawaiian MalvaceaeHobdy, R.W.
Jun-1982Fluctuations in size of certain Drosophila populations in the Ola'a Tract Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkCarson, Hampton L.
Jun-1980Food habits of the Roof Rat (Rattus Rattus) in two areas of Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkRussell, Christa A.
Jun-1986Food preferences of captive feral pigs: A preliminary reportKikuta, A.H.; Stone, C.P.
Jun-1978Forest bird population variation as related to habitat typesWolfe, Claire M.; Ralph, C John; Higashino, Paul K.
Jun-1978Forest bird populations on O'ahuCollins, Mark S.; Shallenberger, Robert J.
Jun-1978Forest bird survey of the Hawaiian islandsScott, J Michael
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Jun-1980Front Matter-
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