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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1984Status of stream channel modification in Hawaii and its effects on native aquatic faunaParrish, J.D.; Maciolek, J.A.; Timbol, A.S.; Hathaway, C B Jr.; Norton, S.E.
Jun-1978The status of the Hawaiian Dark-Rumpled Petrel at HaleakalaKjargaard, John I.
Jun-1982The status of the Mauna Kea silverswordCarr, Gerald D.; Meyrat, Alain
Jun-1982Status of the Nene population on Hawaii and Maui between 1975-1980Devick, William S.
Jun-1984Structure, productivity, and nutrient cycling--important but little known parameters of Hawaii's Koa-ohia forestsConrad, C.E.; Scowcroft, P.G.
Jun-1978Studies in the life history of the 'Alala in captivityLee, Barbara
Jun-1978Studies of Leptospirosis in natural host populations: I. small mammals of Waipi'o Valley, island of Hawai'iTomich, P. Quentin
Jun-1980Studies on Maile cultivationTanabe, Michael J.
Aug-1976Studies on the endemic Hawaiian genus: Hibiscadelphus (Hau-Kuahiwi)Baker, Ken; Allen, Suzy
Aug-1976Summary of results of preliminary investigations at the Hilina Pali Petroglyph Cave and associated sitesCleghorn, Paul C.
Jun-1980Temporal and spatial distribution of Humpback Whales in Hawai'iBaker, C Scott; Herman, Louis M.; Antinoja, Ronald C.; Wells, Randal S.
Aug-1976Topoclimatic gradients in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkJuvik, J.O.; Clarke, C.G.
Jun-1982Towards a resource management plan for Kipahulu ValleySmith, Clifford W.
Jun-1978Variability in dorsal patterning among populations of Hawaiian "Happy-Face" spiders (Theridion Sp. or Spp.) on the Big IslandMull, William P.
Jun-1980Variation among males of Drosophila Silvestris in the 'Ola'a Tract, Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkCarson, Hampton L.
Aug-1976Variation of Hawaiian Metrosideros along the south and east flanks of Mauna Loa, HawaiiCorn, Carolyn A.
Jun-1978Vegetation of the Hana Rain Forest, Haleakala National ParkYoshinaga, Alvin Y.
Jun-1984Vegetation response to protection from goats in a montane koa parkland ecosystemSnowcroft, P.G.
Jun-1978Vegetative propagation and Acacia Koa graySkolmen, Roger G.
Jun-1982A vegetative survey of Maui county's offshore isletsHobdy, Robert