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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1980High altitude Aeolian ecosystems in the Hawaiian islandsPapp, Richard P.
Aug-1976Hilina Pali fire of 1975Parman, Terry T.
Jun-1982Honeycreeper predation on caterpillars on the island of HawaiiSmith, C.W.
Jun-1982Horticultural adaptation and ecological change in southwestern O'ahu: preliminary evidence from Barbers PointDavis, Bertell D.
Aug-1976Host specificity in Hawaiian Drosophila: nutritional or behavioral?Ohta, Alan T.
Jun-1978Human perception of the Hawaiian endangered species: a preliminary report on a three-year random surveyMerlin, Mark David
Jun-1978Human settlement and environmental change at Barber's Point, O'ahuDavis, Bertell D.
Jun-1986Hunting as a pig control method in Hawai'i Volcanoes National ParkKatahira, L.K.; Finnegan, P.M.
Jun-1978Hybridization of the Hawaiian Silversword complexCarr, Gerald D.
Aug-1976Hydration-rind dates from archaeological sites in the South Point area: a contribution to Hawaiian prehistoryHunt, Terry L.
Jun-1980Impact of introduced anthropods on endemic terrestrial organisms in Hawai'iBeardsley, John W Jr.
Jun-1978The impact of the sweet potato on prehistoric Hawaiian cultural developmentKaschko, Michael W.; Allen, Melinda S.
Aug-1976The influence of feral pigs on a native alpine grassland in Haleakala National ParkJacobi, James D.
Aug-1976The influence of food supplementation upon the reproductive strategy and movement patterns in the Hawai'i Amakihi (Loxops Virens)van Riper, Charles III
Jun-1980Interpreting for the general publicBoynton, David
Aug-1976Interpretive trainingShimoda, J.
Jun-1984Interrelationships of alien and native plants and animals in Kipahulu valley, Haleakala National Park: a preliminary reportStone, C.P.; Bank P.C.; Higashino, P.K.; Howarth, F.G.
Jun-1980Investigation of Avian Malaria in Hawai'i's National Parksvan Riper, Charles III; van Riper, Sandra; Goff, M Lee; Laird, Melvin
Jun-1982Island ecosystem stability and Metrosideros diebackvan Riper, Charles III
Jun-1982J. Linsley Gressitt: his contributions to science and conservationGagne, Wayne C.