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Title: The 2010 Philippine Elections: Toward Democratic Consolidation or Continuing Instability? 
Author: Kawanaka, Takeshi
Date: 2010-09-14
Abstract: Although the Philippines started the "third wave" of democratization in Asia, its democracy has been perceived as unstable. The country experienced not a few coup attempts, scandals of the Presidents, and large scale rallies
on the street. Even elections, a fundamental democratic solution to the conflicts in the society, have not been able to gain the confidence of the people due to various frauds. In the 2010 elections, Noynoy Aquino, son of the two national "heroes" of democratization, was elected new President. Did the 2010 elections bring the hope for democratic consolidation? Or was the same old game merely repeated? We will try to assess the impact of the 2010 Philippine elections.
Description: Brown-bag lecture
Sponsorship: Center for Southeast Asian Studies and Center for Philippine Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Keywords: Philippine politics, elections, governance

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