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1948Insects of Hawaii. Volume 4, Homoptera: AuchenorhynchaZimmerman, Elwood C.
1948Insects of Hawaii. Volume 5, Homoptera: SternorhynchaZimmerman, Elwood C.
1948Insects of Hawaii. Volume 3, HeteropteraZimmerman, Elwood C.
1948Insects of Hawaii. Volume 2, Apterygota To ThysanopteraZimmerman, Elwood C.
1948Insects of Hawaii. Volume 1, IntroductionZimmerman, Elwood C.
1957Insects of Hawaii. Volume 6, Ephemeroptera-Neuroptera-Trichoptera and Supplement to Volumes 1 to 5Zimmerman, Elwood C.
1958Insects of Hawaii. Volume 7, MacrolepidopteraZimmerman, Elwood C.
1958Insects of Hawaii. Volume 8, Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea.Zimmerman, Elwood C.
1960Insects of Hawaii. Volume 10, Diptera: Nematocera-Brachycera (except Dolichopodidae).Hardy, D. Elmo
1964Insects of Hawaii. Volume 11, Diptera: Brachycera, Family Dolichopodidae, Cyclorrhapha, series Aschiza, Families Lonchopteridae, Phoridae, Pipunculidae, and Syrphidae.Hardy, D. Elmo
1965Insects of Hawaii. Volume 12, Diptera: Cyclorrhapha II, Series Schizophora Section Acalypterae I. Family Drosophilidae.Hardy, D. Elmo
1969Insects of Hawaii. Volume 11, Supplement, Diptera: Dolichopodidae, Appendix (Phoridae).Tenorio, JoAnn M.
1978Insects of Hawaii. Volume 9, Microlepidoptera.Zimmerman, Elwood C.
1980Insects of Hawaii. Volume 13, Diptera: Cyclorrhapha III, Series Schizophora Section Acalypterae, Exclusive of family Drosophilidae.Hardy, D. Elmo; Delfinado, Mercedes D.
1981Insects of Hawaii. Volume 14, Diptera: Cyclorrhapha IV, Series Schizophora Section Calyptratae.Hardy, D. Elmo
1992Insects of Hawaii. Volume 15, Collembola.Christiansen, Kenneth; Bellinger, Peter
2000Insects of Hawaii. Volume 16, Hawaiian Carabidae (Coleoptera)Zimmerman, Elwood C.; Liebherr, James K.
2001Insects of Hawaii. Volume 1, Introduction with a new preface and dedicationZimmerman, Elwood C.; Liebherr, James K.; Juvik, J.O.
2003Insects of Hawaii. Volume 17, Hawaiian Hylaeus (Nesoprosopis) Bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea)Daly, Howell V.; Magnacca, Karl N.