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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jul-2011New common strategic objectives for the US-Japan alliance : continuing quiet transformationSahashi, Ryo
12-Jul-2011New imperial China : a challenge for the US-Japan allianceIkegami, Masako
18-Mar-2014New Vietnamese vocabulary for foreign and defense relationsStern, Lewis M.
1-Jul-2015Next steps for U.S.-South Korea civil nuclear cooperationPlatte, James E.
4-Sep-2013NGOs, piracy and maritime crime in Southeast AsiaJoon Num Mak
3-Apr-2012No hedging in Canberra : the Australian-U.S. alliance in the "Asian Century"Bisley, Nick
14-Nov-2013North Korea and Mongolia : a new partnership for two old friendsKrusekopf, Charles
8-Mar-2016North Korea’s audaciousness changes the status-quo in Northeast AsiaLim, Eunjung
15-Dec-2015Obama Doubles-down on Maritime Capacity Building in Southeast AsiaMorris, Lyle J.
4-Dec-2012Obama in Thailand: charting a new course for the alliance?Dalpino, Catharin
18-Nov-2011Obama's APEC summit does not dispel China's misgivingsCai, Penghong
30-Apr-2014Obama's visit to Korea : an unwavering US-ROC alliance amidst regional tensionsMot, Stephane
24-Apr-2013Ongoing Talibanization of KarachiBansal, Alok
5-Aug-2015Opening Australia's "black box" : the domestic debate over submarine productionPollman, Mina
4-Nov-2015PACOM’s role in sustaining Indo-Asia-Pacific securityLushenko, Paul; Lushenko, Jon
10-Nov-2011Pakistan grants India Most Favored Nation trading status?Yusuf, Huma
25-Apr-2013Pakistan's nuclear labyrinth and the future of DemocratizationJoshi, Yogesh; O'Donnell, Frank
17-Jul-2012Part of the pivot? The Washington Declaration and US-NZ relationsAyson, Robert; Capie, David
24-Sep-2013Patterns of military behavior in Myanmar's new legislatureEgreteau, Renaud
10-Aug-2011People power in Malaysia : Bersih rally and its aftermathWelsh, Bridget