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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Oct-2011Jade or JADE? Debating international sanctions on Burma's gem industryEgreteau, Renaud
1-Dec-2015The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) as a foreign policy instrument in Southeast AsiaHribernik, Miha
14-Jan-2014Japan in East Asia : challenges and opportunities for 2014Koga, Kei
30-Mar-2016Japan in Prime Minister Modi’s vision for IndiaBasu, Titli
10-Jun-2015Japan needs a new mechanism to bridge the public and private sectorsMakita, Jun
1-Jul-2014Japan's cabinet seeks changes to its Peace constitution - issues new "interpretation" of Article NineOros, Andrew L.
10-Apr-2013Japan's crucial role in AfghanistanTuke, Victoria
13-May-2013Japan's disaster relief diplomacy : fostering military cooperation in AsiaFutori, Hideshi
17-Apr-2014Japan's domestic politics prior to President Obama's visitOkawa, Chihiro
10-Jan-2013Japan's election : watching the wrong hawksPryor, Crystal
23-Feb-2011Japan's national security policy : new directions, old restrictionsMatsuda, Yasuhiro
22-May-2014Japan-China-Taiwan relations after Taiwan's Sunflower MovementFukuda, Madoka
15-Apr-2011The Japan-India nuclear agreement : enhancing bilateral agreement?Horimoto, Takenori
11-Feb-2016Japan-Taiwan relations in the new DPP eraMatsuda, Yasuhiro
24-Oct-2013Japan-US alliance adapts to the needs of the 21st centuryFuse, Satoru
11-Sep-2013Japan-US alliance is in danger of drifting apartKato, Akira
28-Jun-2013Japanese historical reconciliation should begin at home with OkinawaKobayashi, Somei
24-Jan-2013Japanese politics : "Season three"Kawaguchi, Hirofumi
1-Aug-2014Jokowi's rise and Indonesia's second democratic transitionShekhar, Vibhanshu
6-Sep-2013Korea's creative economy agendaConnell, Sean