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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980East-West Center 20th Anniversary-
2010East-West Center : fifty years, fifty stories-
1985East-West Center : the first twenty-five yearsEast-West Center
1985East-West Center and the PacificEast-West Center
1986East-West Center campaign for the 1990s : tradition, challenge and opportunity-
Aug-1986East-West Center degree student alumni : report of a survey reviewing the alumni from the first twenty-five yearsCummings, William K.
2010The East-West Center legacy-
1999East-West Center Research Program : an integrated research program focusing on critical issues in the Asia Pacific regionEast-West Center
1995Economic and development potential of manganese nodules within the Cook Islands exclusive economic zone (EEZ)Clark, Allen L.; Lum, Jackson A.; Li, Chang; Icay, Wilfredo; Morgan, Charles; Igarashi, Yoshiaki; South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC)
1990Economic development and international trade : the Japanese modelYamazawa, Ippei
1991Economic development in the Republic of Korea : a policy perspectiveCho, Lee-Jay; Kim, Yoon Hyung
1993Economic impact of demographic change in Thailand, 1980-2015 : an application of the HOMES household forecasting modelCampbell, Burnham O.; Mason, Andrew; Pernia, Ernesto
1981Economics of communication : a selected bibliography with abstractsMiddleton, Karen P.; Jussawalla, Meheroo
1989Economics of dryland managementDixon, John A.; James, David E.; Sherman, Paul B.
1992Ecotourism business in the Pacific : promoting a sustainable experience : conference proceedingsHay, John E.
1986Entrepreneurship and indigenous businesses in the Republic of the Marshal IslandsCarroll, John; East-West Center. Pacific Islands Development Program
1987Entrepreneurship in the Cook IslandsFairbairn, Te'o I.J.; Pearson, Janice M.; East-West Center. Pacific Islands Development Program
1979Environmental dimensions of energy policies : a background paper for the Planning Workshop from March 25-April 6, 1979 at the East-West Environment and Policy InstituteSiddiqi, Toufiq A.
1979Environmental dimensions of energy policies : an initial research planSiddiqi, Toufiq A.
1995Environmental governance in the Pacific century : the Fourth Pacific Environmental Conference, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 27-29 March 1994Nickum, James E.; Nishioka, Judy R.