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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Bibliography : energy in the Pacific regionFreeman, Lynne; East-West Center. Pacific Islands Development Program; East-West Resource Systems Institute
1-Jan-1978Brief description of the interests and activities of the East-West Resource Systems Institute, East-West Center, January 1, 1978.-
Jun-1978A Brief description of: the program of the East-West Resource Systems Institute, East-West Center, June 1978-
2001Bright peaks, dark valleys : a comparative analysis of environmental and social conditions and development trends in five communities in Vietnam's northern mountain region-
1994Building blocks of U.S.-ASEAN economic cooperation : an evolutionary approachIboshi, Pearl Imada; Plummer, Michael G.; Naya, Seiji Finch
1985The Case for the East-West Center-
1988Cement kilns for hazardous waste disposal : opportunities and constraintsRavishankar, Krish; Mitter, Wayne
1984Censuses of Asia and the Pacific : 1980 roundCho, Lee-Jay; Hearn, Robert L.; Hauser, Philip M.
1987The Century of the Pacific : will Americans be prepared for it?Leonard, Richard H.
1995The Challenges of highland development in VietnamRambo, A. Terry; Reed, Robert R.; Cuc, Le Trong; DiGregorio, Michael R.; East-West Center. Program on Environment; Hanoi University. Center for Natural Resources Management and Environmental Studies; University of California, Berkeley. Center for Southeast Asia Studies
2012Changing cities : linking global knowledge to local action, Hawaii Imin International Conference Center, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii USA, 26-28 September 2011 : a summary report-
1998Changing family in comparative perspective : Asia and the United StatesMason, Karen Oppenheim; Tsuya, Noriko O.; Choe, Minja Kim
2004Changing Korea in regional and global contextCho, Lee-Jay; Ahn, Chung-Si; Kim, Choong Nam
1987Cocos (Keeling) Islands : the political evolution of a small island territory in the Indian OceanChan, Kenneth
Oct-1997The conditions of biodiversity maintenance in Asia : the policy linkages between environmental conservation and sustainable development-
2013Connecting communities and conservation : co-management initiatives implemented by IPAC in wetlands and forests of Bangladesh-
2009Connecting communities and conservation : collaborative management of protected areas in Bangladesh-
1982Country profiles : Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Western SamoaFranco, Angela Barzelatto; Dupon, Jean Francois; Hamnett, Michael P.; Makasiale, James V.; Roughan, John; Sere, Karukuru; Seui, Fa'auma; Staff, Robert; Matsumoto, Keith
1997Customary land-use practices and resource tenure systems among Krung and Tempuen communities in northeastern Cambodia ; Social forestry as a vehicle for redefining resource management institutions in CambodiaFox, Jefferson
1984Dealing with disaster : hurricane response in FijiCampbell, John R.