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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Critical energy issues in Asia and the Pacific : the next twenty yearsFesharaki, Fereidun; Brown, Harrison; Siddayao, Corazon M.; Siddiqi, Toufiq A.; Smith, Kirk R.; Woodard, Kim
1995Energy in Latin America : production, consumption, and future growthWu, Kang; Obadia, Cynthia
1997Saving, wealth, and the demographic transition in East AsiaLee, Ronald Demos; Mason, Andrew; Miller, Timothy
2005East Asian economic development : two demographic dividendsMason, Andrew; Kinugasa, Tomoko
2008Conclusion : capitalism in the dragon's lairMcNally, Christopher A.
2008Exploring roles, strategies, and implications : historical and conceptual perspectivesAlagappa, Muthiah
2008Nuclear weapons and national security : far-reaching influence and deterrence dominanceAlagappa, Muthiah
2008Mapping boundaries, shifting power : the social-ethical dimensions of participatory mappingFox, Jefferson; Suryanata, Krisnawati; Hershock, Peter; Pramono, Albertus Hadi
2008The demographic factor in China's transitionWang, Feng; Mason, Andrew
2008Reinforcing national security and regional stability : the implications of nuclear weapons and strategiesAlagappa, Muthiah
2008Introduction : investigating nuclear weapons in a New EraAlagappa, Muthiah
2008The institutional contours of China’s emergent capitalismMcNally, Christopher A.
2008Reflections on capitalism and China’s emergent political economyMcNally, Christopher A.
2008China's emerging industrial economy : insights from the IT industryErnst, Dieter; Naughton, Barry
2008Energy security in China's capitalist transition : import dependence, oil diplomacy, and security imperativesWu, Kang; Storey, Ian
2008Introduction : the China impactMcNally, Christopher A.
2008Relating freely : the meaning of educating for equity and diversity.Hershock, Peter
2008Asia's security environment : from subordinate to region dominant systemAlagappa, Muthiah
2008Land for my grandchildren : land use and tenure change in Ratanakiri: 1989-2007Fox, Jefferson; McMahon, Dennis; Poffenberger, Mark; Vogler, John
31-Jan-2008Asian energy and environmental policy : promoting growth while preserving the environmentZhang, ZhongXiang