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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-May-2004V. Ordonez: Charismatic Religious Groups to Play Big Role in Philippines Election-
1975The Value of children : a cross-national study. Vol. 2 PhilippinesBulatao, Rodolfo A.
1977The Value of children : a cross-national study. Vol. 4 ThailandBuripakdi, Chalio
1980Value of children to Australian, Greek, and Italian parents in SydneyCallan, Victor J.
Jul-1991Vanuatu : toward economic growthSturton, Mark; McGregor, Andrew
May-2010Very low fertility in Asia : is there a problem? can it be solved?Westley, Sidney B.; Choe, Minja Kim; Retherford, Robert D.
2007Viable and environment-friendly sources for meeting South Asia's growing energy needsSiddiqi, Toufiq A.
13-Jul-2010Victor Cha: North Korea ‘A Real Dilemma’-
16-Nov-2009Victor Cha: Sanctions Regime Has Hurt North Korea and Influenced Recent 'Charm Offensive'-
21-Nov-2013Vietnam in ASEAN and ASEAN in VietnamLe Dinh Tinh; Hoang Hai Long
11-Nov-2011Vietnam President Says Leaders Want to Take Relationship with U.S. to 'Next Level'-
15-Feb-2011Vietnam's Eleventh Party Congress: "socialist orientation" and market reformNguyen, Manh Hung
15-Jun-2004Vinod Mishra: Discrimination Against Girls in South Asia Less Widespread Than Commonly Believed-
2004Violent separatism in Xinjiang : a critical assessmentMillward, James A.
1992Voices from the field : fifth annual Social Forestry Writing WorkshopFox, Jefferson; Flavelle, A.; Podger, N.
1995Voices from the field : sixth Workshop on Community Management of Forest Lands, February 6-March 17, 1995Donovan, Deanna; DeCoursey, M.; Fox, Jefferson
Jan-1980Voluntary sterilization : its demographic impact in relations to other contraceptive methodsNortman, Dorothy
7-Apr-2011Want a new map of Asia? Include the United StatesLimaye, Satu
1998Wanted and unwanted fertility in selected states of IndiaKulkarni, Sumati; Choe, Minja Kim