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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jul-2010Obama Administration Has Faced Surprises in Asia Pacific-
15-Dec-2015Obama Doubles-down on Maritime Capacity Building in Southeast AsiaMorris, Lyle J.
4-Dec-2012Obama in Thailand: charting a new course for the alliance?Dalpino, Catharin
8-Nov-2009Obama Visit to Asia Offers Dynamic OpportunityMorrison, Charles E.
18-Nov-2011Obama's APEC summit does not dispel China's misgivingsCai, Penghong
30-Apr-2014Obama's visit to Korea : an unwavering US-ROC alliance amidst regional tensionsMot, Stephane
16-Apr-2010Obama’s Foreign Policy: Has America Changed Direction?-
13-Dec-2009Obama’s participation raises hopes for successful climate summitSiddiqi, Toufiq
15-Aug-2006Objectivity the First Victim of ConflictBaker, Richard W.
2008Oil in Asia and the Pacific : production, consumption, imports and policy optionsWu, Kang
Apr-2009Oil price shocks and their short- and long-term effects on the Chinese economyTang, Weiqi; Wu, Libo; Zhang, ZhongXiang
1984Old-age economic security value of children in the Philippines and TaiwanDe Vos, Susan
1985On alliance responsibilityShultz, George Pratt
2001On their own : effect of home- and school-leaving on Filipino adolescents' sexual initiationLaguna, Elma P.
2007One year into Fiji's fourth coupFinin, Gerard A.
24-Apr-2013Ongoing Talibanization of KarachiBansal, Alok
2003Open trade with the U.S. without compromising Canada's ability to comply with it's Kyoto targetZhang, ZhongXiang
5-Aug-2015Opening Australia's "black box" : the domestic debate over submarine productionPollman, Mina
7-Jan-2002Opening remarks of the 10th Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum, Honolulu, HawaiiHastert, J. Dennis
1987Options for U.S. fisheries investment in the Pacific Islands regionDoulman, David J.