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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Identifying children with high mortality riskChoe, Minja Kim
Jul-1973IEC newsletter, no. 13 & 14, July-September 1973-
Nov-1973IEC newsletter, no. 15, November 1973-
Jan-1974IEC newsletter, no. 16, January 1974-
1974IEC newsletter, no. 17, [1974]-
1974IEC newsletter, no. 18 (1974)-
1974IEC newsletter, no. 19 (1974)-
1975IEC newsletter, no. 20, (1975)-
1976IEC newsletter, no. 24 (1976)-
1977IEC newsletter, no. 25/26 (1977)-
2005The IMF and the liberalization of capital flowsJoyce, Joseph P.; Noy, Ilan
2006The impact of 9/11 and other terrible global events on tourism in the U.S. and HawaiiBonham, Carl; Edmonds, Christopher M.; Mak, James
2000The impact of imported and domestic technologies on productivity : evidence from Indian manufacturing firmsHasan, Rana
2001The Impact of minimum wage policy on wages and employment in developing countries : the case of IndonesiaSuryahadi, Asep
2004Impact of population aging on Japanese international travel to 2025Mak, James; Carlile, Lonny E.; Dai, Sally
2001The impact of trade and labor market regulations on employment and wages : evidence from developing countriesHasan, Rana
2005The impacts of competition-policy reforms on the efficiency of Philippine commercial banksManlagînit, Ma. Chelo V.; Lamberte, Mario B.
1984Implementing remote sensing technology for economic development : workshop reportMalingreau, Jean-Paul; Carpenter, Richard A.; Umali, Ricardo M.
10-Nov-2015Implications for Southeast Asia of the new U.S.-Japan defense guidelinesSingh, Bhubhindar
9-May-2014Implications of the US-Philippines enhanced defense cooperation agreementBaviera, Aileen S.P.