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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Constructing Papuan nationalism : history, ethnicity, and adaptationChauvel, Richard
1987Consumer expenditures in Thailand : an application of HOMESMason, Andrew; Woramontri, Varai; Kleinbaum, Robert M.
2014Contesting Buddhist narratives : democratization, nationalism, and communal violence in MyanmarWalton, Matthew J.; Hayward, Susan
1996Contraceptive use in India, 1992-93Ramesh, B.M.; Gulati, S.C.; Retherford, Robert D.
1997Cooking smoke increases the risk of acute respiratory infection in childrenMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.
1999Cooking with biomass fuels increases the risk of blindnessMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.; Smith, Kirk R.
1999Cooking with biomass fuels increases the risk of tuberculosisMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.; Smith, Kirk R.
Jun-2010Copenhagen and beyond : reflections on China's stance and responsesZhang, ZhongXiang
6-May-2014Coral loss, water supplies, increased temperatures top Hawai'i and Pacific Region Concerns in 3rd U.S. National Climate Assessment-
2-Aug-2004Corazon Aquino on Philippine Politics/'Borderless Tourism' in Singapore-
1990Correspondents give their views on Japan-U.S. news coverage : survey of foreign correspondents based in Tokyo and Washington, D.C.Hewett, Robert B.
2000Corruption and public trust : perspectives on Japan and East AsiaPharr, Susan J.
1987Cost-effective data acquisition : guidelines for surveying and monitoring watershedsMar, Brian W.
16-Feb-2006Costlier Chinese Currency Could Hit U.S. in Pocketbook-
1989Costs and benefits of children : implications for population policyRobey, Bryant
4-Nov-2005Council Warns of Danger of Ignoring East Asia Regionalization-
2006Counterterrorism legislation in Sri Lanka : evaluating efficacyManoharan, N.
24-Aug-2008Counting the Medals: The Olympics Are Still Not FlatMorrison, Charles E.
1982Country profiles : Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Western SamoaFranco, Angela Barzelatto; Dupon, Jean Francois; Hamnett, Michael P.; Makasiale, James V.; Roughan, John; Sere, Karukuru; Seui, Fa'auma; Staff, Robert; Matsumoto, Keith
2000Coups, conflicts, and crises : the new Pacific way?Finin, Gerard A.; Wesley-Smith, Terence