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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jun-2011Asia’s top security threatsRoy, Denny
13-Aug-2007Assessing Change in Asia-
Oct-2010Assessing China's carbon intensity pledge for 2020 : stringency and credibility issues and their implicationsZhang, ZhongXiang
25-Aug-2009Assessing China’s Economic Recovery and Changing Roles in the Region-
2003Assessing the effects of population change, economic growth, and globalization on income inequalityWilliamson, Jeffrey G.; Higgins, Matthew
18-Apr-2008Assessing the Far-Reaching Impacts of the New “Golden Triangle” Highway-
2002Assessing women's well-being in AsiaWestley, Sidney B.
Jan-1984Assessment and evaluation for soil conservation policy ; workshop reportPerrens, S.J.; Trustrum, N.A.
Nov-1981An assessment of fertility and contraception in seven Philippine provinces, 1975Flieger, Wilhelm; Pagtolun-an, Imelda
17-Jun-1983At the Center, vol. 4 no. 8, June 17, 1983East-West Center. Public Affairs Office.
25-Jun-2013Australia and India: Indo-Pacific partnersBrewster, David
17-Mar-2011Australia and Japan : allies in partnershipCook, Malcolm; Wilkins, Thomas S.
4-Dec-2014Australia and the importance of being globalO'Neil, Andrew
2011Australia matters America : America matters AustraliaLimaye, Satu P.; Garrett, Geoffrey; United States Studies Centre
11-Sep-2013Australia's foreign and defense policies after the September 2013 election: Howard 2.0?Bisley, Nick
22-Apr-2014Australia's gains in Northeast Asia pave the way for Obama's tripChanner, Hayley
1991Australia, New Zealand, and the United States : fifty years of alliance relations : report of a study projectBaker, Richard W.
15-Apr-2015An Australian perspective on the "utility of unity" in ASEANBlaxland, John
19-Apr-2006Australian Reinforcements Land In Honiara-
2004Autonomy in Xinjiang : Han nationalist imperatives and Uyghur discontentBovingdon, Gardner