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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010Post-conflict planning and reconstruction : lessons from the American experience in KoreaNoland, Marcus
Jan-2012Post-crisis Japanese nuclear policy : from top-down directives to bottom-up activismAldrich, Daniel P.
1986Post-disaster assessment. A: Management, B: Field surveyCampbell, John R.; Barr, Joseph; Chung, Joseph; Bulu, Emilio; Carter, David; Carter, Wilfred; Dionne, Raymond; Dotoana, Lima; Flavell, John; Hamnett, Michael; Hudson, Freeman; Hurrell, John; Johnson, Ehson; Katoanga, Salesi; La'au, Jeosephat; Mahakitau, Pule; Matapo, Tevai Vaka; Robinson, Eldridge; Stuart, Temo
23-Jul-2007Post-Potsdam: Open Season for FTAs-
2007Postfrontier blues : toward a new policy framework for Northeast IndiaBaruah, Sanjib
1999Potential partners : India and the United StatesAyoob, Mohammed
2003Poverty and economic freedom : evidence from cross-country dataHasan, Rana; Quibria, M.G.; Kim, Yangseon
1992Poverty in the Philippines : the impact of family sizeGreenspan, Allison
2006Poverty reduction in the 'tribal belt' of Eastern IndiaEdmonds, Christopher M.; Fuwa, Nobuhiko; Banik, Pabitra
3-Nov-2011Power diplomacy at the 2011 Pacific Islands Forum (PIF)Finin, Gerard A.
27-Jan-2015Powering paradises : recommendations for the Hawaii-Okinawa Clean Energy InitiativeShimizu, Aiko
1979Prediction of family planning and family size from modernity value orientations of Indian womenMukherjee, Bishwa Nath
1978Prelimary estimates of Indonesian fertility based on the 1976 intercensal population surveySuharto, Sam; Cho, Lee-Jay
Oct-2001Preparing for a changing climate : the potential consequences of climate variability and changeShea, Eileen L.; Dolcemascolo, Glenn; Anderson, Cheryl L.; Barnston, Anthony; Guard, Charles P. (Chip); Hamnett, Michael P.; Kubota, Stephen T.; Lewis, Nancy; Loschnigg, Johannes; Meehl, Gerald
Oct-2001Preparing for a changing climate : the potential consequences of climate variability and change : Pacific islands : report of the Pacific Islands Regional Assessment Team for the U.S. Global Change Research Program : [brochure]Pacific Islands Regional Assessment Team; Shea, Eileen L.; U.S. Global Change Research Program
Jun-1975Present and prospective state of policy approaches to fertilitySimmons, Ozzie G.; Saunders, Lyle
8-May-2014President Obama in Malaysia : the substance of symbolismNoor, Elina
24-Apr-2014President Obama's visit to Malaysia : looking beyond Flight MH370La Porta, Alphonse F.
13-Oct-2015President Park’s visits to Beijing and Washington and implications for inter-Korean relationsLim, Eunjung