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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985The Pacific refinery concept : a techno-economic analysisIsaak, David T.; Fesharaki, Fereidun
1993Pacific summit in Seattle : testing Clinton's Asia-Pacific policyBaker, Richard W.
1995Pacific transitions : population and change in island societiesPirie, Peter
4-Nov-2015PACOM’s role in sustaining Indo-Asia-Pacific securityLushenko, Paul; Lushenko, Jon
15-May-2013Pakistan Elections: A Positive Step Toward DemocracyCheema, G. Shabbir
16-May-2006Pakistan Envoy Talks of Relations With U.S. at EWC-
10-Nov-2011Pakistan grants India Most Favored Nation trading status?Yusuf, Huma
22-Aug-2008Pakistan Stability Critical After Musharraf-
25-Apr-2013Pakistan's nuclear labyrinth and the future of DemocratizationJoshi, Yogesh; O'Donnell, Frank
1991Pakistan's population growth : the need for actionRobey, Bryant
20-May-2009Pakistan, Afghanistan and the U.S.: Shared Concerns and Concerted ResponsesSiddiqi, Toufiq
9-Jan-2003Papers: Choi Jang Jip, Lawrence Krause, and Lee Hong Koo: U.S.-KOREA RELATIONSJip, Choi Jang; Krause, Lawrence; Koo, Lee Hong
9-Jan-2003Papers: James B. Palais and Victor D. Cha: U.S.-KOREA RELATIONSPalais, James B.
9-Jan-2003Papers: Jung Chang Young, Han Sang-Jin, and In-Taek Hyun: U.S.-KOREA RELATIONSYoung, Jung Chang; Han, Sang-Jin; Hyun, In-Taek
2004The Papua conflict : Jakarta's perceptions and policiesChauvel, Richard; Bhakti, Ikrar Nusa
2015Papua's insecurity : state failure in the Indonesian peripheryAnderson, Bobby
17-Jul-2012Part of the pivot? The Washington Declaration and US-NZ relationsAyson, Robert; Capie, David
2003Pathways to innovation in Asia's leading electronics exporting countries : drivers and policy implicationsErnst, Dieter
2003Pathways to innovation in the global network economy : Asian upgrading strategies in the electronics industryErnst, Dieter
2013Patterns of free trade areas in AsiaKawai, Masahiro; Wignaraja, Ganeshan