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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Methodological difficulties encountered in using own-children data : illustrations from the United StatesRindfuss, Ronald R.
2013Micronesians on the move : eastward and upward boundHezel, Francis X.
31-Jan-2007The Middle East — Good News for a Change, out of Asia-
1990The Middle path for the future of Thailand : technology in harmony with culture and environmentSippanondha Ketudat
1996Migrants on the move in AsiaMartin, Philip
Jan-1981Migration and unemployment in HawaiiRetherford, Robert D.
Jul-1986Migration in Thailand : a twenty-five-year reviewGoldstein, Sidney; Goldstein, Alice
6-Nov-2014Milan summit could mark turning point for Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)Islam, Shada
2002Military and intelligence gathering activities in exclusive economic zones : consensus and disagreement : a summary of the Bali dialogue, a policy and research planning workshop held at the Hotel Nikko Bali, 27-28 June, 2002Military and Intelligence Gathering Activities in Exclusive Economic Zones : Consensus and Disagreement (2002 : Bali, Indonesia); Valencia, Mark J.; Garmendia, Jenny Miller; Van Dyke, Jon; Djalal, Hasjim
2001Military professionalism in Asia : conceptual and empirical perspectivesAlagappa, Muthiah
1984Mineral development in Southeast Asia : report of a Regional Workshop on Some aspects of Mineral Development in Southeast Asia-
11-Aug-2015Misinformation hinders debate on THAAD deployment in KoreaWoo, Jung-Yeop; Block, Eileen
2012Mobilizing resources, building coalitions: local power in IndonesiaTans, Ryan
1983A Model program for economic vulnerability reduction and recoveryCuny, Frederick C.
1983A Model program for public health preparednessBiellik, Robin J.; Henderson, Peggy L.
1983A Model program for reducing housing vulnerabilityThompson, Paul
1989Modeling the Fiji economySturton, Mark
14-Nov-2014Modi meets Abbott : a new start for Australia-India relations?Hall, Ian
14-Nov-2014Modi's Canberra visit : continuing the momentumRajagopalan, Rajeswari Pillai