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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984International fish trade of Southeast Asian nationsFloyd, Jesse M.
1977International governing board strengthens center programs-
1992International relations of the Southwest Pacific : new visions and voicesBaker, Richard W.
1998International response to nuclear tests in South Asia : the need for a new policy frameworkAlagappa, Muthiah
1980International songbook-
2003Internationalisation of innovation : why is chip design moving to Asia?Ernst, Dieter
22-Jul-2010Internationally, Public Universities Struggle in Wake of Recession-
2000The Internet's effect on business organization : bane or boon for developing Asia?Ernst, Dieter
2001The Internet's effects on global production networks : challenges and opportunities for managing in developing AsiaErnst, Dieter
Jul-1994Interpretation of East and Southeast Asian development in light of current development issues in ChinaMontes, Manuel F.; Lee, Keun
Sep-2004Interregional burden-sharing of greenhouse gas mitigation in the United StatesRose, Adam; Zhang, ZhongXiang
1984Introduction to human ecology research on agricultural systems in Southeast AsiaRambo, A. Terry; Sajise, Percy E.
2006Introduction to institutional change in JapanBlomström, Magnus; La Croix, Sumner J.
1993Intruding on the Hermit : glimpses of North KoreaMartin, Bradley K.
3-Jun-2015Is China driving PM Modi’s “good neighborly” foreign policy?Singh, Swaran
2011Is China's indigenous innovation strategy compatible with globalization?Liu, Xielin; Cheng, Peng
1997Is son preference slowing down India's transition to low fertility?Mutharayappa, R.
2006Is that the best you can do? : a tale of two Micronesian economiesHezel, Francis X.
Nov-2013Is the information technology agreement facilitating latecomer manufacturing and innovation? : India's experienceErnst, Dieter