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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jun-2011Incomplete reform of India's service sectorReisman, Matthew
2005Increasing integration among Asia Pacific equity marketsGunasingham, Brindha
20-May-2011Incrementally stabilizing China-US relations at the 2011 S&EDDingli, Shen
11-Mar-2011India and Indonesia : renewing Asia's "collective destiny"Gupta, Sourabh
3-Feb-2015India's economic potential in looking EastWignaraja, Ganeshan
26-Feb-2004India's Emerging Role in Region and World-
9-Dec-2011India's FDI retail policy suspension : set back to market reformsSahoo, Pravakar
8-Jun-2011India's food failures-
2006India's globalization : evaluating the economic consequencesNayar, Baldev Raj
17-Nov-2014India's joint Andaman and Nicobar Command is a failed experimentMukherjee, Anit
14-Dec-2012India's military modernization and the changing US-China power balanceNagao, Satoru
1995India's national family health survey provides new information on maternal and child health and AIDS awarenessWestley, Sidney B.
Aug-2008India's national innovation system : key elements and corporate perspectivesHerstatt, Cornelius; Tiwari, Rajnish; Ernst, Dieter; Buse, Stephan
3-Nov-2014India's strategic culture and U.S.-India tiesShidore, Sarang
23-Feb-2012India, Thailand and the Burma ConnectionChingchit, Sasiwan
22-Oct-2015India-Japan-U.S. trilateral dialogue gains additional tractionRajagopalan, Rajeswari Pillai; Mishra, Sylvia
2004An India-Pakistan d├ętente : what it could mean for sustainable development in South Asia and beyondSiddiqi, Toufiq A.
5-Jun-2006India: Playing the Globalization Card and Winning-
17-Mar-2006Indian Ambassador Optimistic-
28-Jul-2015Indian Navy role in Yemen and beyond highlights range of objectivesBana, Sarosh