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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Mapping boundaries, shifting power : the social-ethical dimensions of participatory mappingFox, Jefferson; Suryanata, Krisnawati; Hershock, Peter; Pramono, Albertus Hadi
1997Customary land-use practices and resource tenure systems among Krung and Tempuen communities in northeastern Cambodia ; Social forestry as a vehicle for redefining resource management institutions in CambodiaFox, Jefferson
2008Land for my grandchildren : land use and tenure change in Ratanakiri: 1989-2007Fox, Jefferson; McMahon, Dennis; Poffenberger, Mark; Vogler, John
May 2014Rubber plantations expand in mountainous Southeast Asia : what are the consequences for the environment?Fox, Jefferson; Castella, Jean-Christophe; Ziegler, Alan D.; Westley, Sidney B.
01 Sep 2015Data for the Evidence for the Convergence Model: the Emergence of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N1) in Viet NamSaksena, Sumeet; Fox, Jefferson; Epprecht, Michael; Tran, Chinh C.; Nong, Duong H.; Spencer, James H.; Nguyen, Lam; Finucane, Melissa L.; Tran, Vien D.; Wilcox, Bruce A.
Oct 2014Quantify spatiotemporal patterns of urban growth in Hanoi using time series spatial metrics and urbanization gradient approachNong, Duong; Lepczyk, Christopher; Miura, Tomoaki; Fox, Jefferson; Spencer, James; Chen, Qi
Oct 2014Perceived Risk of Avian Influenza in Poultry Varies with Urbanization in VietnamFinucane, Melissa L.; Nghiem, Tuyen; Saksena, Sumeet; Spencer, James; Fox, Jefferson; Nguyen, Lam; Trinh, Dinh Thau; Vien, Tran Duc; Lewis, Nancy Davis
2013Spatio-temporal occurrence modeling of highly pathogenic avian influenza subtype H5N1: A case study in the Red River Delta, VietnamTran, Chinh; Yost, Russell; Yanagida, John; Saksena, Sumeet; Fox, Jefferson; Sultana, Nargis
2014Data for "Built-up area change analysis in Hanoi using Support Vector Machine Classification of Landsat Multi-temporal Image Stack and Population Data"Nong, Duong; Fox, Jefferson; Miura, Tomoaki; Saksena, Sumeet
2014Data for "Classifying and mapping the urban transition in Vietnam"Saksena, Sumeet; Fox, Jefferson; Spencer, James; Castrence, Miguel; DiGregorio, Michael; Epprecht, Michael; Sultana, Nargis; Finucane, Melissa; Nguyen, Lam; Vien, Tran