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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jan-20052005 Asia-Pacific OutlookClark, Allen; Wu, Kang; McNally, Christopher A.; Baker, Richard W.; Swamy, Arun; La Croix, Sumner; Ernst, Dieter; Kim, Choong Nam; Zhang, ZhongXiang
2007Asia's energy future : regional dynamics and global implicationsWu, Kang; Fesharaki, Fereidun; Westley, Sidney B.
2003Asian oil market outlook : role of the key playersBrown, Jeffrey; Wu, Kang
Mar-2008China's overseas oil and gas investment : motivations, strategies, and global impactWu, Kang
1995Energy in Latin America : production, consumption, and future growthWu, Kang; Obadia, Cynthia
2008Energy security in China's capitalist transition : import dependence, oil diplomacy, and security imperativesWu, Kang; Storey, Ian
2003Key players in the Asia Pacific oil marketBrown, Jeffrey; Wu, Kang
2002Managing Asia Pacific's energy dependence on the Middle East : is there a role for Central Asia?Wu, Kang; Fesharaki, Fereidun
2000Natural gas : the fuel of the future in AsiaFesharaki, Fereidun; Wu, Kang; Banaszak, Sara
2008Oil in Asia and the Pacific : production, consumption, imports and policy optionsWu, Kang
25-Aug-2008Six Steps Toward Increased Energy Security in the Asia Pacific RegionWu, Kang; Fesharaki, Fereidun; Westley, Sidney B.; Prawiraadmadia, Widhyawan