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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Caring for the elderly and holding down a job : how are women coping in Japan?Ogawa, Naohiro; Retherford, Robert D.; Saito, Yasuhiko
1997Comparison of fertility estimates from India's Sample Registration System and National Family Health SurveyNarasimhan, R.L.; Retherford, Robert D.; Mishra, Vinod K.; Arnold, Fred; Roy, T.K.
1985Comparison of fertility trends estimated alternatively from birth histories and own childrenRetherford, Robert D.; Alam, Iqbal
1996Contraceptive use in India, 1992-93Ramesh, B.M.; Gulati, S.C.; Retherford, Robert D.
1997Cooking smoke increases the risk of acute respiratory infection in childrenMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.
1999Cooking with biomass fuels increases the risk of blindnessMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.; Smith, Kirk R.
1999Cooking with biomass fuels increases the risk of tuberculosisMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.; Smith, Kirk R.
Jul-1977Demographic situation in ThailandArnold, Fred; Retherford, Robert D.; Anuri Wanglee
Jun-2008The effect of antenatal care on professional assistance at delivery in rural IndiaMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.
1995Eight million women have unmet need for family planning in Uttar PradeshDevi, D. Radha; Rastogi, Sita Ram; Retherford, Robert D.
1987Ethnic differentials in early childhood mortality in NepalChoe, Minja Kim; Retherford, Robert D.; Thapa, Shyam; Gubhaju, Bhakta Bahadur.
2001An evaluation of recent estimates of fertility trends in IndiaRetherford, Robert D.; Mishra, Vinod K.
1996Explaining regional fertility variations in the PhilippinesWestley, Sidney B.; Palmore, James A.; Retherford, Robert D.
2003Factors affecting sex-selective abortion in IndiaRetherford, Robert D.; Roy, T.K.
2003Factors affecting sex-selective abortion in India and 17 major statesRetherford, Robert D.; Roy, T.K.
1996Fertility and contraceptive use in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Uttar PradeshRetherford, Robert D.; Ramesh, B.M.
1998Fertility in IndiaGandotra, M.M.; Retherford, Robert D.; Pandey, Arvind; Luther, Norman Y.; Mishra, Vinod K.
2003Fertility in Nepal 1981-2000 : levels, trends, and components of changeRetherford, Robert D.; Thapa, Shyam
Nov-2010Further development of methodology for multivariate analysis of the total fertility rate and its components based on birth-history dataRetherford, Robert D.; Eini-Zinab, Hassan; Choe, Minja Kim; Ogawa, Naohiro; Matsukura, Rikiya
2002The future of population in AsiaRetherford, Robert D.; Westley, Sidney B.; Choe, Minja Kim; Brown, Tim; Mason, Andrew; Mishra, Vinod K.